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Sep 13, 2007 10:21 PM

Lucky's Lounge????

Thoughts??? On the food??? decor? and Service??? I'm curious what you all think. I happen to love it and visit often. Discovered the food after about a year of drinking and I am glad I did!.

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  1. Decor is awesome, I heard a really swingin' funk/soul band while I was enjoyin' my mac and cheese. Fun little place, wish I'd discovered it earlier.

    1. It's a perfect "Friday night after a stressful work week" spot for food, drink and music--love Lucky's!!

      1. I've only had drinks there, but I really love Lucky's. It has that cool speakeasy kind of feel to it. It's probably one of my favorite bars in Boston, the crowd is excellent.

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          Do they have a TV? I wouldn't mind checking out the game tonight there. (Generally hate sports bars.)

          1. re: Alcachofa

            Yeah, they have TVs.

            I prefer the back room there. That's where the band's usually play, and you don't get the constant "opening door" effect from the front room.

            1. re: Bostonbob3

              they have three tv's and they have a big screen they bring down for the big games.

              1. re: Bostonbob3

                I'm usually in that room either talking to people or checking out the music, so I never noticed if there were TV's.

                I also like the end of the bar in the other room, AWAY from the opening door.

                Back to food: I've had a decent steak and steak tips there. Never thought to try the mac n cheese, but that makes sense that it would be OK.

                1. re: Alcachofa


                  SW chopped salad is soooo yummy
                  i like the chicken sandwish, but between the cheese and butter it can be a bit greasy.
                  LOVe the mini burger(get a side of fries with em.) I actually really like the fries there.

                  The fish tacos are great. I love the ahi tuna app, mainly the salad on the place with the tuna.

                  They just expanded their dessert list and there are some great additions.

          2. I go there for lunch sometimes. Within 20 minutes the place goes from empty to full almost every afternoon - and you can time it to the minute. Get there at 11:54 and you'll get a table with no wait. By 11:59 there's a short wait, and by 12:10 the place is full. Yet somehow the service and the kitchen manages to catch up, and I can't think of any other restaurant that could handle it. I wonder what their kitchen looks like. Are the "Dinner Impossible" guys back there?

            As for the food, if you like comfort food you'll like Lucky's. You can expect that just about anything on the menu is going to be good, and likely a huge portion as well.

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            1. re: kbw18

              yeah I have noticed the same thing. man they keep up!

            2. I've had some decidedly mediocre meals at Lyucky's recently. It's close to work so we occasionally go for lunch. A while back I had a "wild" mushroom pizza which was covered with semi-rehydrated portabello mushrooms. meh. Then i had the tuna melt, which was good. However the salad that accompanied it was not so good - waaaaaaaay overdressed. Most recently, I ordered the Lucky's burger with guacamole. The patty did not appear to be handformed nor was it seasoned in any way - a BIG problem. the guac, which was initially forgotten, was bland at best.

              I've also had their mini-burgers (when I'm there for drinks) and those are usually pretty good. Unfortunately, I'm starting to think maybe it's the alcohol talking. I don't know, i like the vibe and I want to like the food. That burger may have been strike 3 though.