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Sep 13, 2007 10:13 PM

Source for Green Tomatoes in Orange County?

Anyone know of a store, market, farmers market in Orange County, CA that has or will get green tomatoes year round?


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  1. Year round? You could ask the tomato vendors at the Irvine FM. They have green tomatoes now, especially the booth near the end with the juice vendor (furthest from the Indian restaurant).

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Das--Thanks for the heads up.

      On another note I am a long time north OC resident and while I think I've pretty much tried every place to eat in the area I'm curious to get your feedback as a relatively recent arrival on particular places up here that you've enjoyed. I'd like a new perspective to bounce me out of my semi-rut.

      1. re: Nakdcpl

        I'm still exploring, though not as often (need to lose weight, baby at home, commute to Burbank, &c.).

        I am reveling in the concept of always-available, really good Vietnamese food. I lived in the Valley, where there's basically two chains of Viet pho shop, and on the Westside, where, um, yeah, let's just not talk about it. A whole shop dedicated to com tam, a whole shop that specialises in banh cuon, etc.

        I really love Taco Mesa. I don't know why -- it's not like it's revelatory Mexican food, it's a better-than-average chain -- but something about it just hits the spot and I find myself there often.

        Zena's, in Orange, and Darya, ditto -- though I always feel horribly underdressed at Darya.

        I love me the Hawaiian brunch at Chomp. The sushi and dinners can promenade themselves to the devil, but the brunch is great.

        I have now completely forgotten the name of the Spanish restaurant in Olde Towne Tustin(e) but screw the paella -- get the lamb chops. Holy GOD those were fantastic lamb chops. And the quail -- and the morcilla -- and the cheap, good wine.

        I'm going to start exploring the Korean wonders of Buena Park (while Garden Grove SAYS it has the Korean District, Buena Park has all the Koreans) soon.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Black Sheep Bistro in Tustin on Camino Real -great lamb, duck, moules
          Paella on Weds in summer but in the winter Weds turns into cassoulet nights

          also try The Green Parrot on Broadway in Santa Ana across from the Bowers. They have a way with steak and fish there. Nice inventive dishes, everything is made to order (including soup!) so takes time (read sometimes slow-ish).

          BTW Das, you know of any Neopolitan style pizza (crispy crust, very little toppings/sauce) here in North OC?

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Thanks for the tips...I'll look for your reports on BP. By the way, if you like Taco Mesa give Durango in Brea (on Imperial just west of St. College in 99 cent store parking lot) a try. It's owned by a former manager of TM and they've kept much of the menu and all of the quality but added some nice touches. Lobster Bisque is great and the rest of the soups(roasted tomato, potato/jalepeno, posole) are all top notch. Added bonus......all soups and tacos are $1 every tuesday.

            Also if you haven't already, check out The Chili Pepper on the corner of Main & Chapman in Orange. Their lunch specials of fresh grilled fish---I'm partial to the salmon and shark but they usually have 6 or 7---are unexpectedly good and come with unusual and creative soups, sides and a dessert pastry for around $7.99 or so.

            1. re: Nakdcpl

              I have been to the Chili Pepper and enjoyed it... for some reason it never lands on my radar until I've driven down Main Street from the mall.

      2. You may want to try your local supermarket as well. I don't know if this is still the case, but years ago when I worked at Von's, the produce department would toss the green and greenish tomatoes mixed in with the (somewhat) red ones in the crates. Once in a while, some of the customers would ask for these green ones for pickling or frying and the clerks were more than happy to give them up.

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        1. re: bulavinaka

          Good insight. I'll hit up my local markets and see what they'll do.

          1. re: Nakdcpl

            Try South Coast Farms in San Juan Capistrano. They usually have an incredible display of tomatoes, mostly heirlooms, and everything they grow is organic. You might call, although a trip over is worth it, especially in October when they have a pumpkin patch and a small area decorated with hay bales and seasonal activities for the kiddos.