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Sep 13, 2007 09:54 PM

Fantastic vegetarian options in Old Town or DC?

I used to live in the area, but have not been down for a visit in ages. I would love to have a special dinner somewhere but there have been so many changes (places closing/menus or chefs changing) that I need some fresh advice. The restaurant doesn't have to be entirely vegetarian, just with truly delicious vegetarian options. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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  1. In Old Town, you have great "ethnic" options with lots of veggie dishes.
    Layla's Lebanese and Taj Palace on King.
    Mai Thai on King by the river.
    Pita House on Cameron.
    Bombay Curry Company in Del Ray on Mt. Vernon Ave.

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      Mai Thai also has a Dupont location (1200 19th Street I believe)

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        Thai....i've had very good veggie food at Rice.

    2. Vegetate in Shaw...vegetarian restaurant.

      Supposed to be very good.

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        I like Vegetate quite a bit and not just because I live in Shaw and like to give the bird to Shiloh. I also recommend checking out Soul Veg over on Georgia Avenue by Howard University. It's all vegetarian and vegan friendly Soul and Caribbean food. I like the BBQ tofu sandwich.

        Here's Soul Veg's menu:

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          Thanks for all of the recommendations so far! I have been to (and enjoy) Mai Thai, Pita House and Bombay Curry. Has anyone tried the vegetarian tasting menu at Butterfield 9? That seems like a possibility, although I have only heard reviews of the non-veggie menu.

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            My husband and I had Butterfield 9's vegetarian tasting menu in January/February. It was good ... I particularly liked the wilted lettuce/lettuce cream dish.

            But I am very disappointed that they don't seem to change their offerings - at least on the web. It's tomato season, where are the tomatoes? And peas? They're out of season!

            And OP - have you tried Jaleo?

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              Butterfield 9 just changed their menu. Their new Harvest Menu looks like a bargain at $35.
              Local tomatoes are pretty well over for the season. They probably don't want to take a chance on offering substandard ones.
              They've got pea "shoot tendrils" on the menu. Peas are a cool weather veggie that you can Fall-crop here. They'll set shoots and vine on supports. If the weather cooperates, some varieties will give you peas but the days are usually too short.

      2. We just went to Rasika again, a fancy nouveau Indian restaurant downtown, and they've now added a tasting menu for their vegetarian options. The food and drinks there are very good (they just got a 26 for food from Zagat's). I bet the vege tasting menu would be great.

        1. I have been to Jaleo and quite enjoyed it. And I LOVE Indian, but my boyfriend is not a fan. We will be eating more than once so we can try a few places, and I think we may end up hitting butterfield 9 for the "special" dinner.

          1. Vermilion in Old Town has a new chef who appears committed to including a strong vegetarian option on the menu. I've only had one but it was excellent. A good choice if you're looking for slightly more upscale and American.

            In DC, Komi will happily adapt its amazing tasting menu for vegetarians. This is the culinary treat of the city and if you're willing to drop some $$ you should try it.

            Willow in Ballston is another upscale American place with a strong veggie options on the menu.

            For ethnic, I like all-veg Indian food at Nirvana downtown.