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Sep 13, 2007 09:50 PM

Best place to buy fish in Seattle?


I recently moved to Queen Anne Hill, and am looking for a place to buy fresh wild fish to prepare at home (wild salmon, black cod, etc...) I went to the Pike Place Market yesterday and was discouraged by the prices...are there non-touristy places that are more reasonably priced?


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  1. I'm not quite sure where you moved here from, but I think you'll find most grocery stores have pretty fresh salmon here. My personal choice, as it is for all meats and seafood, is the Whole Foods on Roosevelt (around 65th -- about 20 blocks north of The Ave in the U District).

    If you need fresher, maybe somebody else can help you out, as I've never looked for better. Whole Foods more than meets my needs.

    1. Wild Salmon at Fishermen's Terminal (next to Chinook's).

      1. I live in Queen Anne too, but I never buy fish on the hill. There is a Wild Salmon outpost at A&J meats (a great meat store) at Queen Anne & McGraw, but I've not tried it. I buy fish at Uwajimaya in the ID, Mutual Fish on Rainier and Costco. The latter usually has a couple of wild fish options and terrific prices. They had whole black cod last week.

        1. Uwajimaya. Almost always several dollars cheaper than the market and just as fresh or fresher. When I do shop in the market I usually find Jack's has the best fish for the money.

          1. As Terrier says, Uwajimaya will surprise you. Jack's is where I go if I need to grab something downtown on the way home. Near you, check out Wild Salmon. While you're at Fisherman's Terminal, check to see what the boats are selling. One day I got halibut that had been flash-frozen the hour it was caught. Beauty. When "fresh" means it just came out of the hold, it's not clear at all this means better fish, if it has spent a month there on the trip. Mutual Fish.