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Sep 13, 2007 08:29 PM

Non-chain food within 3 miles of King of Prussia

I'm going to a conference next week that's being held at the Dolce Valley Forge hotel at 251 West DeKalb Pike in King of Prussia. I'm not going to be renting a car (if I can help it), but the hotel does have a shuttle that will take you anywhere within three miles of them. I know that will get me to the mall (and I do intend to go), but I really, really don't want to eat at chains. I'm hoping there are some local places with interesting food within my three mile radius. Any suggestions?

I like just about everything except seafood, and I try to eat lots of veggies and whole grains. I'll need a couple dinners, and possibly one breakfast. And though I don't *need* any baked goods, I'm a cookie junkie and always on the lookout for local bakeries with fabulous cookies, so on the off-chance there's one near KOP -- I'll take those recs too. :-) Thanks!

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  1. I would do a board search on this, as visitors to King of Prussia often have this question. There is very little within KoP that will fit the bill, although there are some good Indian restaurants.

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      Yes, I looked through many KOP threads. The problem is that most of them do not recommend anything within KOP itself, and I don't know if the towns that do contain recommended restaurants are within my three-mile radius. So, that's why I've started a new thread with my unique limitations.

    2. did a quick search using googlemaps and here are some places that may be of interest within the 3 mile radius:

      Margaret Kuo, Wayne (3.4 miles)
      333 Belrose (3.3 miles)
      Taqueria Michoacana
      August Moon
      Dolce Vita
      Desi Village

      Only bakery I know of would be the Corner Bakery, attached to Maggianos' but that is a chain.

      Hope that helps!

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        Thanks modbetty! Are these places you actually know to be good, or just places you found in a search?

        I did see Creed's mentioned in another thread...

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          I can recommend Dolce Vita. Great "old school" italian food. It is in a converted house (in fact you can dine in the former kitchen of the house). It is owner by a very nice couple who go out of their way to make you feel welcome. if you are looking for an upscale expense account type place, this mught not be a good choice. But if you are looking for comforting home-style food, it would definitely fit the bill.

        2. re: modbetty

          Peace a Pizza has a fun variety of cookies (I just don't care for their pizza)
          As far as real bakeries, none in KOP. For breakfast, if you want a good bagel (they have cookies too, but never tried them) Bagelicious is in a little shopping center on Beidler. Michaels deli has standard breakfast (don't go to the KOP diner).

          Wild Rice (Asian) is another option that's non-chain. Also, there are a few steakhouses (mortons, sullivans, RC)- yes chains, but better than the typical chain places in KOP.

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            Savona is very good, but expensive. Desi Village is supposedly good Indian and I believe is the only restaurant of those listed about that is IN King of Prussia. Others are a 10-15 minute drive.

            1. re: saturninus

              I have heard good things about all of the restos listed, and while not all of them are in KOP proper, they still are within the mentioned 3 mile radius of the hotel shuttle . I've only been to 333 Belrose myself, but I am sure additional info can be easily found on the other places. Hope that helps!

              1. re: modbetty

                If 333 Belrose is within your radius, then I hasten to also recommend Pond and its more casual across-the-hall sister Cassis, as well as Susannah Foo's.

            2. re: modbetty

              I will second the recommendations for both Creed's and 333 Belrose. I am also not a big fan of seafood and both of these restaurants have plenty of options. Creed's has some of the best steaks I've ever had outside of Peter Luger's and 333 Belrose has a great dish called the "Java Pork Tenderloin."

              1. re: Decker

                Mmmm, love both steaks and pork tenderloin. :-)

                Thanks for the recs everyone! Sounds like there are some good options that I will definitely investigate further.

            3. Right in King of Prussia, only about 1/2 mile down route 202 from King of Prussia mall is a little shopping center with a Bed Bath and Beyond. In this little center is a great non-chain Italian restaurant called Peppers. I have taken serious chowhounds there, and without exception, everyone loved it. It's a totally unpretentious place, where you can dress any way you want and not terribly expensive, but the food is good. Their red sauce is rich and tomato-y. YUM.

              In the same shopping center, is a deli/restaurant called Michaels. They have an extensive menu with everything you can imagine. Great for breakfast too.

              Neither of these places are world class, but they are both respectable, with good food and definitely in the area you are requesting.

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                I'd second Peppers for decent low key italian. Michaels Deli had really good food and a huge variety of take out beer.

                Right outside of KofP is Bridgeport (north on Rt 202,which is Dekalb Pike), and there's a great bakery there-Suzy Jo's. If you are at all into donuts, their cream sticks are not to be missed.

                Not sure if Twin Bays Cafe in Phoenixville is within your 3 mile limit.

                1. re: elayne5

                  twin bays is way far. also, their heat wasn't working in the dead of winter when i was last there!! but i think the cream of crab soup made up for that. i don't remember what my entree was.

                  just thought of another, cedar hollow inn, super-cute old place as well, decent bar food. might also not make the distance cut.

              2. hmmmmm i really suggest renting a car if you can!!! KoP is really a void. there is the indian place mentioned, but i wouldn't recommend you go there! it is the worst in the area and i had a rather weird experience there that i've written about on this board before. the other indian restos are better - a taste of india in particular. but i do believe you'd need a car to get to that... the closest public transit would be the 124 bus and i still think it's a really good hike from there? ATOI is my favorite restaurant within a 10-mile radius, though. i think it may be further than the 3-mi cutoff though. most things will be.

                saw taqueria michoacana mentioned - that's an awesome place. mexican, in norristown. i'm not sure how easily accessible by shuttle this would be. how would you get back? the restaurant is great, but this is not an area i would hang outside in after dark by myself waiting for a ride.

                also in norristown and also mentioned somewhere on this board is a great little area tucked away on west marshall street - fresh taquerias and authentic mexican restaurants. it's been awhile since i was over there. fun place to stroll when you are hungry.

                there is lemon grass thai (this is probably one of the closest things to you) on s. henderson road. it gets mixed reviews. i have not been there in over a year, though. i had totally forgotten about it til just now! i actually did used to like them a lot. then i moved from the area, so it was no longer on my commute home. i will have to check them out for lunch again soon!

                peppers i found to be extremely bland italian-american food.

                don't confuse that with thai pepper though (though i think they've taken on the cheesy name "flavor by thai pepper") which is on rte 30 in wayne (closer than margaret kuo's). it's good thai food, but a pretty bad wine list. the spicy noodles are good enough to dream about.

                in the same area as thai pepper is ristorante primavera, which is one of my favorite italian places in the area (i do not recommend fellini, another standard bland shot at amer-ital). they make a really great marinara there. the raviolis are tasty. service is great. i love that place for a business lunch, or just a quiet escape from the office when i need some comfort food.
                trattoria san nicola on rte 30 is good as well, but i like ristorante primavera better.

                i dunno about whole grains, but if you're looking to get your veggies i'd hit thai pepper. most of our options here, chain or not, are carb-heavy. thinking about my favorite dishes at all of those places, they are white-flour-based for sure. thai is probably the healthiest you will get.

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                  oh how could I forget Suzy Jos! One of my absolute fave places in the area. While it may be a stretch to ask the shuttle driver to bring you there just to pick up a few donuts (mmm glazed buttermilk earthquake!) I would think it would help matters if you offered to get him/her a donut as well.


                  KOP is a bit of a hole, but hopefully with these tips you will be able to find some memorable and tasty places in your 3 mile radius!

                  1. re: modbetty

                    Agreed...Suzy Jo's donuts are fantastic.

                    Yes...KOP is a void....but you just have to know where to look.....Everthing mentioned so far is great. Also.....Oh're probably already gone....