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Sep 13, 2007 08:15 PM

Best delivered Pizza in Park Slope?

We used to order Oscars, which was decent, but the crust was often burned. Then we went to Pino's which is right around the corner, but the sauce is bland and the crust has gotten really tough. Our last order was downright bad pizza, which we all know is hard to do. Chewing it could have been an Olympic sport. We like La Villa, but it's really expensive and often it takes a long time to arrive. How is Joe's? Roma? Any other options? We live in Center Slope. TIA.

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  1. I am a big fan of Roma's fresh mozzarella pie -- both in the shop and delivered (although I always find that in the shop is better, since the twice cooking adds crispness).

    I've liked the slices I've had at Joe's, but not enough to overtake Roma as my favorite "pizza parlor" pizza in the neighborhood. I've never had Joe's delivered.

    Anthony's is terrific pizza, but that is a bit more upscale/gourmet and I've never had it delivered.

    1. Their delivery area isn't huge and of course all pies are better in-store or rushed home, but my favorite Slope pizza is Luigi's on 20th and 5th. Their fresh mozzarella pie is the best slice in the hood by a long shot (IMHO).