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Sep 13, 2007 07:47 PM

Milford, CT Bistro Basque

Yeah, I know there's already a thread - sorry - but I thought that this place deserved a bump here. Just took a family party of seven for Saturday lunch - the place was empty (what is everyone thinking?!) other than the owner and his children eating at the bar, but filled up slightly later, and I confirmed that evenings are as hectic as ever*. The food was very good, not quite always excellent but solidly enjoyable and with some highlights (the dark sausage, the white asparagus/ham/pecorino, the foie gras); the service was really very good. And the wine was significantly improved: a new Spanish red by the glass really _is_ outstanding (and also unobtainable, it seems, elsewhere. I think for the 7 of us, all in, it was $140 or so. Excellent value.

[*I talked with the owner** briefly, looking at the cute patio, and he mentioned that he's trying to improve the walkability of downtown Milford by having a restaurant open for lunch, even if not the best economic decision. Good to hear.]

**I assume - certainly seems to be in charge, may also be a cross between maitr d' and chef? Dunno yet :).

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  1. Another bump, here. We went for the first time tonight and were very pleased. We had good service from, as above, a man clearly in charge, likely the owner. There was some comical mistakes to the service (we seemed to be getting served by the owner, but a waiter was always about 45 seconds behind him asking us the same question; the waiter got the bill to us, however).

    France just today beat New Zealand in the rugby world cup quarterfinals, as the owner mentioned to us, so he may have been particularly inclined to give good service. We got some tapas and were very pleased with the pulpo and the artichaux, less so with the picadon and the bacalao (which is not to say that the latter were not good, just not as sparkling as the former). The tarte tatin was also quite good.

    Looks like there still could be some service hiccups, though. We entered just before a couple who were seated at the adjoining table 10-15 minutes after us (they had been waiting at the bar). After ~5 minutes of waiting at their table, they paid the tab and left. Since we got double service, I guess we got theirs.