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Sep 13, 2007 07:37 PM

Asian Market in Philly?

Hi! I just moved to the Philly area, and am looking for an Asian Market. I'm located out in Manayunk, but am willing to drive to find one.

Thank you!

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  1. Chinatown as well at Washington Avenue

    1. There are a lot of Asian markets in Washington Ave between S 5th and S11th.

      1. There's a huge market underground in Chinatown called the Asia Supermart

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        1. re: jessicheese

          What? I've never seen anything remember "huge" in Chinatown. Where is this place and how late does it open?

          1. re: Ali

            Asia Supermart isn't huge but it's fairly large for being in Chinatown... there are two entrances from the street, and you go down a flight of stairs to the store. One entrance is on 11th just south of Race, next to the garage exit, and you pass by some jewelry/purse/trinket stand on your way to the stairs. The other entrance is on Race just east of 11th and I believe it's between Joy Tsin Lau and Ong's.

            The other, smaller supermarket in C-town is Chung May, on Race between 10th and 11th--across the street from the Race entrance to the underground market. Also there are small stores selling only fruit and vegetables; they are pretty easy to find by walking around.

            1. re: Dib

              Yeah - it took me like a year before I stumbled upon it. It's not HUGE per se - but definitely big considering you're not even expecting anything like that from the street level.

              Very authentic and (of course) very cheap. Everything's fresh and bring me back to the market's of my youth.

        2. Being Korean myself, it was hard to find Korean market in Philly. The one we go to is in Cherry Hill (there's another one in North-west Philly). If you are looking for Chinese, go to Chinatown. If you want Vietnamese, go to 11th and Washington or 6th and Washington.

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            Seems like Koreans are more established out in the burbs. Assi in North Wales is great, and there's also H-mart (Han Ah Reum) in Upper Darby and Elkins Park.

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              Any idea if there are any Filipino markets? I heard there's one in Cherry Hill, but haven't heard of any in Philly.

              1. re: sheskrafty23

                There is one in Cherry Hill, along with a Filipino restaurant in the same shopping center, the Centrum Shops on Route 561, (Haddonfield-Berlin Road.) The restaurant keeps odd hours, I have noticed. The grocery store seems to be open all the time. The grocery store is pretty small, but it appears to be pretty busy.

            2. Much closer to you is the huge Hong Kong Supermarket in the Rising Sun Plaza at the corner of Rising Sun Ave and Adams Ave. not far off Roosevelt Blvd. Actually, the drive along Adams to and from the Blvd. takes you past some great ethnic restaurants too including Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Portuguese. A nice break from the bland restaurants of Manayunk (where I live too).