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Sep 13, 2007 07:08 PM

Toronto: Quality lunch spot bargains near Dundas and Jarvis? [Moved from Canada board]

I was recently transferred to Toronto and am working near the intersection of Jarvis and E. Dundas. Thus far, the I have sampled a few of the local spots on Dundas, but not yet been satisfied. Any suggestions for some chowhound worthy lunch places within a 10 minute walk of that intersection? Thanks for your help!


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  1. where have you been so far? can you describe and rate them?


    1. b Espresso on south side of Queen, between Jarvis and Church

      Great sandwiches and the baristas do beautiful things to your coffee drinks. Interior is very glossy and pretty too.

      1. how fast do you walk? Daniel et Daniel is up at Carlton & Parliment -- and I can always find something yummy there to try.

        1. Kathy's at Mutual & Dundas has good rotisserie chicken and Greek-style sides. Avoid Mutual Diner across the street — everything seems to be frozen or deep-fried. MD used to be Deny's 20 years ago, a fabled cabbie haunt known for its chicken. But there's zero connection today altho the current owners are always a little vague when asked.

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            I got a flyer for Goodview Chinese resto at 126 Dundas East - is it any good?


            1. re: Teep

              Actually it is very good - don't let the appearance fool you. You can get half-portions for lunch under $7.00. Staples like Kung Pao Beef and Satay Beef served on your choice of noodles or rice. The manager is very friendly, and if you want take-out you can be out of there is less than 10 minutes. The Hot and Sour soup (Vegetarian) is very good as well.

          2. If your lunch is an hour long, you can take the Sherbourne bus to St. Lawrence Market and grab something there. They have hot/cold sandwiches, baked goods and pasta. Try a peameal sandwich and eat it while walking back to work!