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Sep 13, 2007 06:36 PM

Bars and Pubs in Maine

Need help find some great bars, pubs and restaurants in Boothbay Harbour, Bar Harbor and Portland. I know this is a tall order but im certain that my foodies and fellow chowhounds can come through with.


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  1. There are a couple good wine/martini bars in Portland that I'd recommend. The Wine Bar is on Wharf St and Una is located on Fore St. Both are very good and have excellent atmosphere.

    1. If you're looking for yummy beer, check out Gritty McDuff's Brew Pub on Fore Street in Portland. (They have locations in Freeport and Lewiston/Auburn, too, but I've only been to the Portland location.) See:

      1. I secod Gritty's, love that place. beer is great and food is good pub fare. I also really like the Thirsty Whale in Bar Harbor.

        1. In Portland, I really love the wings at The Great Lost Bear - really crispy skin and real buffalo sauce - probably the best tap selection for Maine beers in Maine. Lots of eclectic sandwiches on the menu too. I also love $3 Dewey's for bombers of Cadillac Mtn. Stout and free popcorn as a late night stop. Good beer can also be found at Sebago Brewpub down the street from Gritty's.

          In Bar harbor I like to go to Rupununi for delicious beer and appetizers for happy hour. Had an awesome beet and goat cheese salad there and the Isca de Peixe (chunks of fried haddock) was so addicting. Have never ordered any entrees here though. Also the Atlantic Brewing Company does a great all you can eat bbq (slow smoked) on Saturdays.

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            I'll second the Great Lost Bear rec; one of the best beer bars in all of America IMHO.

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              GLB not only has the best and most selection of beers in Maine but also New England. 50 plus beers on tap. Sebago has better food than Grittys but both have good beers. Two good irish pubs in Portland are Brian Boru's and Bull Feeney's. Both serve food but I have not eaten at either.

              1. re: mjp81

                I'd agree that Brian Boru's is a great Irish pub to grab a brew.
                I also can not attest to how good their food is, but the bartender that night was very nice and attentive, clientèle and ambiance was good.

                On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I also went to Rí Rá - I can see how it could be unbearably crowded and loud on a Friday or Saturday night though, but I'm only speculating and hearing from what others in the area have said. The bartender there was really great -- I asked for his name and got it, but I don't recall it right now -- a true native Irishman. Without asking, with a bar-neighbor contemplating the chowder, he said 'wait a second and let me see if it's good today' went out back for a sec, came back and said 'nah - it's not worth getting that today.
                I like the honesty there.
                We (me and my GF) were interested in getting the nachos, and he said we wanted to get the BBQ chicken nachos which weren't even on the menu -- and yum - it was an excellent suggestion.
                Good brews and good food on a lazy sunday afternoon.

                1. re: Keithel

                  BTW - both of the places I mention are in downtown Portland, ME

                  Brian Boru Public House (Irish pub)
                  57 Center St, Portland, ME 04101

                  Ri Ra Irish Pub & Restaurant
                  72 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101

            2. Ellsworth: on Main St. the bar at the new Calypso Restaurant(formerly MaiDee's) is worth a view. It is an old wooden diner covered over and incorporated into the building w/ bar specials. Down the street is another old wooden bar at Cleoese Rest. w/ tapas specialities.
              Bar Harbor: Lompoc, best beer selection, ok food; McKay's, upscale; Thirsty Whale, down & dirty local joint w/ dart board & foosball.
              Sw Hbr.: the dock at the Claremont Hotel. Not a pub, but the best view w/ a brew in Main(possibly), right up Somes Sound.
              Tremont: Capt'n Nemos, funky w/ pool table and good salmon & burgers.
              Bangor: 3 pubs on lower Main, Paddy Murphy's, Whig&Courier and one other new one all w/in 50 ft of each other . Good beer, ok food.