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Sep 13, 2007 06:12 PM

Dining in Charleston, South Carolina

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I will be traveling to Charleston soon and would appreciate any input about great places to dine--breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any assistance regarding any cuisine would be very much appreciated.


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    1. There are quite a few great restaurants scattered all over Charleston.

      In what area(s) will you be? Will you be driving or walking? How long will you be staying?

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      1. re: CharlestonChow

        I will be there 5 days in late October. I will be staying in the downtown historic district, but will have a car and am completely amenable, excited even, about going anywhere there is a great restaurant!

        1. re: joc1234

          If you will be staying DT you have to try FIG, Cordavi, or Tristan IMHO. If you want one big $$$ meal Penninsula Grill should fit the bill. Other favorites in DT are La Forchette, Chai's, Basil, Sermet's Corner, and Pita King (Glatt Kosher).

          Mt Pleasant and it's outskirts have a host of wonderful restaurants including; Gullah Cuisine, Langdons, Sette, Your Place, Charlestons Bookstore Cafe, Poe's Tavern (Sullivans Island), Seewee (Awendaw).

          James Island, Johns Island, Kiawah, and West Ashley also have lots of options.

      2. It's up near the medical school but Hominy Grill is excellent. Local seasonal ingredients prepared very well. I've had breakfast and lunch there but not dinner. There are so many great places for dinner, I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions. The blue crab bisque at Magnolia's is worth a shout out, though.

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        1. re: PeterB

          Glad to hear that Magnolia's is still getting good reviews. It's been far too long, but we were impressed by our meals there. We also found that within several blocks, Charleston had some good dining. I'm sure most have changed chefs, hands, and some are long gone, but dining there should not be a problem.


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            My husband and I have been twice to Peninsula Grill and both times it was absolutely fantastic. Probably ranks right up there with our favorites from much bigger cities. We went to Magnolia's, but didn't really care for it- we found it heavy and not that flavorful - but I do preface that comment that it has been a couple years. We also really enjoyed Charleston Place Restaurant.

            1. re: rgfoodie

              Peninsula Grill is indeed excellent. Pricey but they do deliver the goods. Some decent deals on the wine list were a pleasant surprise. A couple other good ones are FIG (Food Is Good) and SNOB (Slightly North of Broad)

        2. Absolute yes on Hominey Grill (great breakfasts), Peninsula Grill, Charleston Grill, and Bowen's Island for casual creekside dining. Also for a down-home experience try Jestine's and save room for the coca-cola cake. You can check out locations at

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          1. re: GoldieGirl

            I totally agree with all these suggestions-we especially like SNOB b/c you can request a table near the open kitchen and watch the action-if that is your sort of thing, otherwise they have tables far from the kitchen. For breakfast, I recommend Joseph's on Meeting Street. It is just good wholesome food, nothing fancy and inexpensive too.We always get the usual egg anyway breakfast and the grits are outstanding!

            1. re: GoldieGirl

              GoldieGirl has it exactly right! Add SNOB, Tristan;s (great martini) and FIG. Also the Gullah restaurant north on 17 (forgot the name).

            2. If price is not any object, The Charleston Grill at Charleston Place Hotel was one of the best meals I have ever eaten. I had a Crustation Sampler for an entree which was out of this world.
              The dessert sampler plate was a work of art. A meal ro remember and I have several
              to remember.