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Sep 13, 2007 06:11 PM

Farm Boy vs. Pinkberry

Hands down Farm Boy in Sherman Oaks by the Trader Joes on Riverside near the mall. Just had some today and boy oh boy that blueberry frozen yogurt was tasty.

I do enjoy Pinkberry yet this will be my new craving spot.

Share your thoughts,


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  1. Farm Boy is awesome! I love that I can do it myself. Mine always ends up being around $7 bucks though...but that's okay. I do enjoy the blueberry also. wish I lived closer.

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      FFood gives a hearty thumbs-up to Farm Boy; FFood finds Pinkberry's overrated.

      1. re: jessisthebest11

        Went to Farm Boy today and they had blueberry, plain and mango. The blueberry was good but the mango was entirely too sweet, was good for a quick taste but definetly couldn't eat a whole serving. I must say I do love Farm Boy's selection of toppings but that weight can quickly add up.

        1. re: nitaj

          I'm a big fan of Farm Boy in general and their frozen yogurt specifically. One of the best things is that after you get a serving of the yogurt you can skip the heavy toppings altogether and just buy a tub of blueberries or granola right there in the store at a great savings. I'd rather pay $2.50 for an 8 ounce tub of berries than .39 cents an ounce.

      2. Is Farm Boy a yogurt only place similar to Pinkberry? Or do they have other offerings? It's an odd name for yogurt.

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          FB is a produce market, who recently introduced frozen yogurt to their other offerings.

          I've actually never been (but fully intend to try, what with the froyo and all), but have read on these boards that they also have sushi.

        2. I really do want to try Farm Boy, but just returned from Sno:La in beverly hills. They have some tasty and uber fresh yogurts going on. The toppings are a cut above anything I have ever seen associated with frozen yogurt (ie. toasted hazlenut brittle!) If you are a fan of anything pinkberry style, you must give this place a try. I will post back after Farm Boy soon!

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            I see that another yogurt place has just opened on Ventura in Encino next to the Coral Tree .It's called Barenaked Yogurt, certainly an interesting name. Someone please check it out and report back!

          2. I vote Farm Boy too. I like that I can control what I'm getting and get any combination of fruit that I want. I like to put the fruit on the bottom. I think I'm getting away cheaper (though I may be deluding myself). Plus, I don't mind missing that whole Pinkberry "scene." And finally, I can get my shopping done at the same time.

            1. Hands down, Farm Boy. The added bonus is that the owners are super nice. Adn you can get good sushi to go at the same time!