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Sep 13, 2007 05:44 PM

Tortilleria Jalisco - Sonoma

I cant be certain that Le Reyna makes the best corn tortillas in Sonoma County anymore. They have stiff competition from this entirely woman-run tortilleria ( )on the 12 where it meets W Napa st. 9487 W. Napa St


You walk up to the little window and the nice lady hands you off your choice of hot tortillas and before your off she - swiftly hands you a hot amazing flour tortilla. heaven!

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    1. >9487 W. Napa St

      The article says 487 W. Napa St. Do you know which it is?

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      1. KR... thanks for posting that... I started reading some of the food articles on that site... fairly well written, informative & insightful. Check out the one on Cabrito for starters.

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          no worries-- great article regarding women run businesses!

          would kill for their hot flour tortillas right now.

        2. Link:

          Tortilleria Jalisco
          897 W Napa St, Sonoma, CA 95476

          1. Nobody has mentioned this place in a while. I have been stopping here for light lunches pretty regularly. They have tacos dorados with fun fillings like potato, beans, cheese and others, depending on the day. They dress them up with shredded iceberg lettuce, crema, and a mild fresh tomato cooked salsa. I can get enough to eat for less than $5. They always hand you a hot tortilla (flour or corn, whatever is on the machine) while you wait. Very nice. Today they had an expanded menu including enchiladas ricas, but I had already had lunch, so just bought my corn tortillas for dinner. Local Sonomans need to keep this place in business!

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              Tacos Dorados - an excellent lunch of the day's choices of chicken, beans and cheese, thank you! It was 104°F and I plated these tacos at a friend's house. I never drive by without stopping for tortillas.