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Sep 13, 2007 04:40 PM

Going Away dinner in San Francisco

My 22 year old daughter is leaving for a long internship in the Seychelles(near Madagascar) and I'm hosting a going away dinner for her. i need a SF restaurant with easy access to Peninsula trains, comfortable room (not too noisy-suitable for conversations) for 10-15 people, mixture of college age kids, elderly grandparents and other friends and relations, reasonably priced food that is interesting and good-but not too edgy (I'm thinking Italian??). Any suggestions?

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  1. Can you clarify what you mean by reasonably priced? That can have different meanings for different people.

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      I'd like to get away at about $20 a person-excluding liquor. How about a restaurant that has a banquet room(s) that might do some kind of buffet or prix fixe meal? I know I've been to many business meals that are done that way, but am clueless on how to research it as a human.

      1. re: sroseme

        Private rooms in that neighborhood start around twice that.

        Town's End (half a mile from the Caltrain station) has a $20 prix fixe. Excluding chains, I'm not sure there's anyplace else that cheap in the area.

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          If the group would be willing to go for Thai, Cha-Am on Folsom might work. Good grilled meats and seafood, and it is comfortable for groups. I very much doubt if you can find a private room within those cost parameters.

      2. Koh Samui and the Monkey (Thai restaurant) might fit the bill. Like pane said, I'm not sure what "reasonably priced" means -- their food is on the pricey side, with most entrees in the double digits, I think. The food isn't that distinctive -- it's generally sweeter, milder, and Americanized --- but it's also definitely "not too edgy", which was one of your requirements.

        It's on Brannan between 3rd and 4th, so it's a short walk to and from Caltrain, no need for Muni, and it's a rather large restaurant, so I imagine they could accommodate your larger group.

        So yeah, definitely not my favorite from the food perspective, but it's fine. Except for possibly "reasonably priced" (depending on what this means for you), it seems like it satisfies your other requirements. Not sure about sound level, since the restaurant was half empty when I went there before.


        Koh Samui & the Monkey
        415 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94107

        1. Coco 500, South Park Cafe and Acme Chop House.

          Coco 500 might have the best food and the most fun, South Park the best environment to talk and hang out, Acme Chop House the closest and biggest slabs of meat.

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            Acme probably doesn't fit most folks definition of reasonably priced: it can be quite pricy. It also it a bad spot if there is a Giants game going on....

          2. Fringale, but I don't know if they can accomodate a group that size...