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Sep 13, 2007 04:38 PM

~Advice needed for a great dinner in Sonoma area~

Hello fellow foodies!
I will be visiting SF in two weeks and on Saturday, we will be going to the Sonoma area to do some wine tasting. We have reservations for wine paring at Seghesio Vineyard already. But I need some suggestions for dinner in the Sonoma, Sebastopol, or Santa Rosa areas. We will be driving back to SF that evening, so a restaurant along the way back will be great! I want to have dinner at a French, Italian, or Californian/fusion place.

Thanks in advance for help!

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  1. We went to the El Dorado Kitchen (or EDK, as some call it) a couple months ago and it was really a nice experience. The decor is hip in that West Elm/Pottery Barn sorta way. The people range from families to young couples to old dudes in cowboy hats. And yet everyone seemed comfortable. The food was surprisingly good (I think we ordered some sort of pork loin entree and also a lamb ragout). However I think the cocktails might even be better than the meals. Also: huge wine pours!

    There seemed to be some sort of odd pool and cabana situation outside. I don't know if that's for atmosphere or actual swimming, but it lent a Miami South Beach vibe to the place. Of course if someone was actually in the pool during dinner it could be quite awkward. Anyhow, we liked it.

    1. We recently returned from a trip including a few days in Healdsburg and did Cyrus, Willi's Seafood and Zin, all in Healdsburg. Cyrus in particular is a lush, luxe dining experience though I didn't think everything was stellar.

      On prior visits, the places that have stood out are Farmhouse Inn in Forestville (just a little due west of Santa Rosa), Girl & The Fig, and General's Daughter (both in Sonoma).

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        A quick search on chow hound gave the following links to look at for the healdsburg & Santa Rosa area: