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Sep 13, 2007 04:31 PM

DC places to go on Saturday without reservations/waits

My in-laws are in town and we're going to be going to the Virginia Wine Festival on Saturday and doing a couple of other things after that. I want to take them somewhere fairly nice that night, but we don't seem to have a clear idea of what time we'll be eating, so I'd like some recommendations of good places where we can just drop in without a reservation or a long wait. Only requirement is that the food be non-spicy. Thanks.

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  1. Maybe Sweetwater, in the Ashburn area, just off Rt 7. Nice perk is that as you're heading to/getting in your car, you can call and "get in line".

    1. You said DC, so I'll recommend you try consider going to the Penn Quarter area and just wander. There are a lot of very good restaurants, so you could probably just choose when you see where there is availability. For nice and non-spicy in that area, I'd suggest Acadiana (even their "spicy" stuff isn't that hot), Poste or Zola. If you think they could be adventurous after their wine, Zaytinya has tons of tastey, but not spicy, foods.

      Georgetown would offer the same idea - walk around and see what's busy - but there sadly aren't very many good restaurants there right now.

      1. I've usually been able to just drop into Bistro D'Oc without too long a wait (15 minutes at most). Their french food is wonderful.

        Also other places you might have luck at are Firefly, Acadiana, Butterfield9, Zola, and Poste. You should probably take all of their phone numbers along with you so you can see if there are openings.

        1. Hmm If you are all the way out in Leesburg with the wine festival traffic I doubt you could make it into DC for reservations unless you leave earlier.