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Hi there
We are going to be passing through Frederiction next week and staying downtown in a BnB - anyone have any suggestions as to a good place to eat? Nothing too heavy, perhaps a bit funky in terms of decor. And open Monday nights!

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  1. Hi IBlair,

    Fredericton's ethnic food scene is awesome (and affordable.) Just a couple:

    Caribbean Flavas on York... everything is delicious, and lots of it is lighter... soups and smoothies as well as jerk and curries, etc. Open till 8:30pm on Mondays.

    Dimitri's Souvlaki on King... Greek food. Salads are great as are the vegetarian options (can't speak for the meat). Open till 9:30pm on Mondays.

    Chez Riz on Queen... my absolute favorite. Super-cheap, fabulous Indian food. They also offer buffets at dinner time— the only buffet I'd ever recommend (photo of someone's plate on Flickr: <http://www.flickr.com/photos/andreela...).
    Open till 9:00pm on Mondays.

    Caribbean Flavas
    123 York St, Fredericton, NB E3B, CA

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    1. re: tempest in a teapot

      Caribbean flavas does have good food, but I find it extremely overpriced for the portion sizes...

    2. The Blue Door....On Regent at King. Fun, funky decor. Good food. Diverse menu, there's a little something for everyone. (But they do it well...)


      1. I'm not a Fredericton local, but whenever I visit town El Burrito Loco is a must on my itinterary - tasty mexican food. I'm not sure if I would consider the deco funky --- it's certainy busy, and a lot of fun. It's down town, so should be relatively close to where you are staying.

        1. I hate to be such a critic about Fredericton's restaurants, but I would want to this info if I were visiting.

          The only consistently competent rooms in town are in the Delta and Lord Beaverbrook. The Blue Door and Brewbakers offer mediocre food and relatively expensive prices. Sometimes their dishes are worse than mediocre. Just the other week I had "Vietnamese Market Noodles"--a banal bowl of rice noodles with a generic sauce. Dimitri's is the sort of Greek restaurant that can only exist in suburbs and small towns. Avoid it. Chez Riz is barely passable, as one would expect from an "Indian" restaurant that generally caters to people who are decidedly not from the subcontinent (and whose culture shuns spice).

          Once upon a time, El Burrito Loco was surprisingly good "Mexican", but some years ago they expanded and declined substantially in quality.

          Don't come here looking for good restaurants. This is a meat and potatoes town and little more. But if you have access to a kitchen, the market offers some really excellent meat producers and in the summer the produce is superb.

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          1. re: waxingdeep

            I'm going to have to provide a counterpoint to waxingdeep. I'm not sure what sort of food tastes he has, or whether his (as I see it) poor judgement is the result of glitchy visits, but so far I'm quite certain I wouldn't trust him to recommend me a restaurant any time soon.

            My only experience at the Delta was very poor, the service was pretty poor considering we were the only table, and the food was overpriced and bland. (I suspect waxingdeep would like Oscar's on Prospect, which I felt was about on par with the Delta. Restaurants for people who insist on seafood or steak in order to be satisfied.)

            Perhaps it's my fault for thinking a meal of the price I paid at the Delta should be more substantial, or perhaps I mistook the rice side dish's nature and it was indeed meant to be slightly crunchy. Perhaps I should speak up and complain more to the staff so they can fix the problem... but alas, I am timid. I did get the impression I was meant to be appreciative for the seared skin and fat left on one side of the morsel of boring duck... but I wasn't.

            On the other hand ... despite El Burrito Loco's occasional lapses in service, the food has always been good, and I have to stop myself from overindulging (generally unsuccesfully). I have friends who have moved all about for school, etc. who spent the first few years moaning about a lack of EBL, from the expected Wales and England, to North Carolina and *Texas*

            The Blue Door and Brewbakers are some of the better places to spend money at "restaurant prices" in town. The Blue Door's sweet potato fries are great, Brewbakers' maple curry chicken penne...

            Dmitri's is admittedly blessed with a bit of a diner air, but the prices are reasonable for what is obviously not meant to be haute cuisine. Consider the other options for Greek and Mediterranean food in Fredericton? Pano's? I mean really, they have paper placemats... (then again, so did the deceased Praying Mantis...)

            Sure, don't travel to Fredericton for the food, but don't avoid our restaurants because of this fellow's poor reviews.

            If I had to make a shortlist for visits (future ones, for the original poster) I would say Brewbakers, the Blue Door and Mei's.

            1. re: waxingdeep

              Gotta reply here as well. I agree with Balthcat. The Delta offers mediocre (and that is generous-partly because of the view!) food, poor service and little in the way of "funky decor". It's a hotel dining room. Period.
              I have seldom had a poor meal at Brewbakers and/or the Blue Door. And, if for some reason, there has been a problem, it has been corrected (or at least someone has acknowledged the problem-not so at the Delta) The wine lists at both places are quite good as well.

              Dimitri's is not fancy, but has good greek food. Not amazing, but good.

              I cannot comment on The Lord Beaverbrook, since I have only eaten banquet food there.

              For the person who recommended Mei's-yes the food is good- but fyi- there have been some cleanliness issues in the kitchen.

              1. re: waxingdeep

                I think Chez Riz is around the most authentic you can get in terms of Indian food in Atlantic Canada, and this is not based on my opinion but on the thoughts of my Indian friends... they all say that when they order "Pakistani hot" it is very very close to what they get at home... I've been there many times with my Indian friends and without them and the experience and taste have always been excellent. I don't know where you get this idea of barely passable... especially since it is one of the most popular restaurants in downtown Fredericton.

              2. I never found much good to eat in Fredericton, which always surprised me given it is the provincial capital city -- I figured the expense-account business from politicians would support some good places. To me, the Diplomat, out by the Delta, epitomized the place, with ordinary food at high prices.

                1. My daughter and I were in Fredericton last week to check out UNB.

                  While walking around downtown, we looked at the menus for the ethnic restaurants mentioned here. Mains are all at least $3 to $5 more than we're used to paying in Toronto.

                  We ended up at El Burro Loco. In contrast to the reviews here, our service was okay, but the food was mediocre and pricy. Frozen peas and corn in a Mexican taco?

                  She loves UNB, but isn't looking forward to the lack of decent, inexpensive ethnic food. I guess she'll be cooking in the residence kitchen to get her ethnic fix!

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                  1. re: Islington Foodie

                    even in the summer the veggies are frozen ones there. And they are in everything. Frozen veggies in the nachos! I kid you not.

                    1. re: Islington Foodie

                      WOW! Fredericton is not like T.O...?! On the main drag no less - I'm aghast!

                      Sorry to be so snide, but what exactly is everyone expecting out of Freddy Beach? For it to be "just" like your hometown, where the population is 10X larger than our entire province... Demand and accessibility my friend, they have an impact.

                      There are lots of items to find and enjoy in Fredericton, and yes, some of them are best prepared at home with ingredients bought from local merchants, but that doesn't mean that a stroll down King St. is a great representation of our city's culinary greatness.

                      That being said, seconds for Blue Door and Brewbaker's. They are not the typical student hangouts by any means though.
                      Cedar Lunch comes to mind for good Lebanese, sometimes great depending on the hangover :)
                      Maritime-style donairs are not for everyone, but they are definitely a regional item that I have not found anywhere West of Edmundston (try Greco oven subs).
                      The market is great for ethnic-inspired cuisine - I won't go to the "authentic" arguement, it's overdone on ChowHound enough. Kurt's sausages remain my fave BBQ-pit food, though Pano's (overly-priced) donairs/kebab are good too. You can also find the epedemous samosas at the "Kwiki-Mart" on the corner of King/Regent.
                      Luna Pizza remains one of my must-haves anytime I am home - the student-special warmed my belly on many evenings, but the Special is the go-to these days.

                      Don't worry though, your daughter will no doubt be eating nachos in the Cellar, steak and eggs at the Hilltop or fry-truck post-bar food outside Sweets - did I mention Boston Pizza won for Best Restaurant the year I moved down South?

                      Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Can't wait for the real thing though ;P

                      1. re: CampySD

                        FYI- after the "great samosa debate" of 2007, Patel's stopped making them, and the Kwiki-mart is now an Asian grocery. The only place you can get the "real" Fredericton samosas is at Samosa delite at the market on Saturday mornings. Look for the lineup.

                        1. re: troutpoint

                          Nooooo! :P

                          I know there's lots of debate, but I grew up on the Patel's incarnation and loved every greasy finger-lickin' minute. I noticed the stall was strangely absent the last time I was home - almost 2 years ago :(
                          Is the Asian grocery the same one that was in the Video King/Degenhardt's/KoD location? It was closed every day of the 2 weeks I was back...

                          1. re: CampySD

                            If it is the same owners-they have pulled up their socks...They are open every day. (Maybe not the whole day, but at least every day!) They have alot of vegetable that aren't available elsewhere in Freddy beach.

                        2. re: CampySD

                          Thanks for the suggestions, CampySD, I'll pass them along to my daughter.

                          1. re: Islington Foodie

                            Whatever you do DO NOT go to Amici's on Queen St.. Probably the worst meal my wife and I have ever had. I will talk more about it later as I don't have time now but seriously, don't waste your money there.

                            1. re: Bushy McHonk

                              Ok- I live in Fredericton,and my husband and i need to know what the issues were. Cause we only have about 4 restaurants to go to, so we need ALL the restaurants we can get.... Thanks! :)

                      2. Yassou on Priestman has tasty greek food, I like it there better than at Dimitri's...
                        Chez Riz is my all-time favourite, food is always good, pleases many different tastes (i have friends from all over the world - including from India and Pakistan- and they all enjoy the food there) and the ambiance is great too.
                        For Mexican food definitely go to El Burrito Loco and please avoid Mexicali Rosa's (driest mexican food ever and the least authentic possible).
                        McGinnis is somewhat alright, although I do find it overpriced given the average taste of food.
                        The Diplomat's buffet at night is always a good choice if you enjoy Canadian food with a hint of Chinese cooking (just a tiny little hint).

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                        1. re: sabyfbf

                          FYI-there have also been cleanliness issues at El Buritto Loco. A matter of public record at www.govnb.ca-health dept.

                        2. I know that this was an old post but I feel that this is worth digging up. I feel surprised that no one has brought up what I consider to be the best restaurant in Fredericton, Racines. Racines has had the honor of being a Where to Eat in Canada restaurant for the last three years, as well as being awarded a star of excellence this year. Michelin has also selected Racines among a select few other Atlantic Canadian restaurants to be in its Michelin Green Guide.
                          They have good, local, fresh food prepared by a great chef.

                          You can read a review here: http://ourwordofmouth.wordpress.com/2...

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                          1. re: ttr

                            I have eaten there and yes the meal was skillfully prepared - however the sides are redundant as are the plate presentations. It's a shame that we had to finish our meal on such a sour note: by far the worst coffee I've ever had in my entire life - 3 words come to mind "jus de chaussette" or for the anglos - dishwater... such a shame too - we had a great dessert , I always jones for a good cup of coffee with dessert after a great meal and boy that was not it.We mentionned it to the owners and they didn't seem to care, not cool...
                            Haven't gone back since.

                          2. My blog catalogues places to eat in fredericton, depending on what experience you're looking for. From fancy to old style diners and hidden gems in tucked away places. check it out.


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                            1. re: maisazoe

                              This Fredericton thread dates back pretty far, well past the half-life of some restaurants.

                              I will be traveling through the capital this coming April with two of and sisters and would really like to spend a day in town for some sightseeing, shopping and a nice brunch and dinner. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated; thinking a simple brunch and perhaps an upscale dinner as we only get together once every couple of years. Thank you for your anticipated advice.

                              1. re: ThanksVille

                                Brunch: On Saturdays, The Palate or The Delta Hotel (according to a lot of people). Not sure about weekdays, beyond Cora's. Mayeb the Lunar Rogue (pub)? The Palate is also reliable for weekday lunch, but make reservations. Sundays, I think both hotels do brunch (but check that out).

                                Upscale Dinner: The Blue Door or Brewbaker’s. Racine’s is closed, in case it’s mentioned. You’ll probably end up thinking the prices are higher than they should be, but for quality, these two places are fairly reliable. Although Fredericton is tricky. You can go three times to one place and be pleased and the fourth time can be a disaster. Just wanted to add that, in case you are disappointed.

                                You should be able to find half-decent food somewhere (if over-priced), but if you’re looking for a ‘foodie’ experience..... I can’t guarantee anything. Hope you enjoy your stay. I know I haven’t sounded that positive, but...that has honestly been my experience here.

                                1. re: loveroftea

                                  Thank you for the suggestions. Are all located downtown?

                                  1. re: ThanksVille

                                    They are. The Palate is on Queen Street, bt/ Carleton & York. The Delta is a little farther, just past Government House (the Lieutenant-Governor's res.going west). The Lunar Rogue is King & Regent. The Blue Door is Regent and King. Brewbaker's is King St. b/t Regent & Carleton.

                                    You should be able to find all these places on-line. Hope you have a great stay here.

                                2. re: ThanksVille

                                  I'm always disappointed when I see a nice place blossom and die. I always think I should eat out more but... the pocket doesn't usually allow that.

                                  I'll stick by my recommendation of The Blue Door to go along with loveroftea's. You can see some of their recent feature dishes on their Twitter feed here: https://twitter.com/#!/theblue_door

                                  I've managed not to eat at Brewbakers since I mentioned it here back in 2008, that I can recall at least. (Edit: This is not intentional).

                                  Someone mentioned the Cedar Lunch above, and I liked it there... but it closed and has been renewed(?) by a new owner as The Cedar Tree Cafe, which then moved further downtown. I really enjoyed it there... but I've only been once, so despite their twitter occasionally taunting me, I can't recommend it exactly. (But if someone else does, I'll be OK as a +1.


                                  There's also the Boyce Farmer's Market Saturday mornings, if you want to eat on your feet while looking at crafts and navigating through crowds :P

                                  1. re: BalthCat

                                    Thanks again for the current insights. I'd love to hear details about the farmers market. Where is it held? Will it be operating in April? We know so little about the current food scene that Chowhound posts are a real Godsend. Gone are the days when the Lord Beaverbrook dining room defined culinary excellence.

                                    1. re: ThanksVille

                                      I figured the Market had to have a website but it looks much better (unexpectedly informative) than I expected! http://frederictonfarmersmarket.ca/

                                      I think the market has run year round since I was a kid. 6am to 1pm, though the last hour or two can be crowded.

                                      There's seasonal agriculture stuff, veggies and flowers, or maple syrup and wreaths. Food stands and booths with Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, German, etc. foods, desserts and baked goods. Handicrafts of all sorts. Meat and cheese. A (crowded) indoor (and oddly patio-style) cafe for breakfast and some coffee stalls. Etc.

                                      The website apparently has a full list of the vendors.

                                      1. re: BalthCat

                                        Looks good, can't wait to check it out. Thanks again

                                        1. re: ThanksVille

                                          Hi Thanksville, just wondering if you ended up going to the market and what other places you ate at, and what you thought. :)

                                          1. re: loveroftea

                                            Sorry not to have responded sooner but I wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions answering my inquiry for help. Fredericton is an absolutely lovely city and we truly enjoyed the day we spent there before heading to a fishing camp on the Miramichi just across from Doaktown. We made it in time to visit the farmer's market.......something we have been oblivious to during all our previous trips. We enjoyed an outstanding dinner at the Blue Door including a wonderful smoked trout appetizer, some lovely salads and a range of entrees that all of us truly enjoyed. Excellent service, very nice atmosphere and a place that we look forward to a return visit in the fall. My only surprise was that the menu seemed to include more multicultural influences than celebrating a local bounty from the fields and rivers of NB.....not a complaint, just a surprise as the farm to table emphasis seems to offer great appeal without the need for exotic or expensive, just well foraged and impeccably fresh native ingredients. Again our thanks for all the suggestions offered

                              2. I have lived in Fredericton more than half a century and as much as I hate to say it, it is a gastronomic wasteland. While the population is minuscule by international standards, we do have two universities, the provincial government and many sophisticated businesses. I have never understood why we cannot support some decent restaurants. Basically, Fredericton is a pub food city.....beer and good grub. That said, Chez Riz is OK, Bruno's at the Delta is a disaster. The Friday night seafood buffet at the Lord Beaverbrook is reasonable.

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                                1. re: knedlik

                                  That's too bad. Probably staying there this Friday night. Driving down from Moncton. Anything nice along the way? I'll be staying at the Beaverbrook but the buffet sounds like it might be a bit too much food.

                                2. I`m from out of town, been living in Tokyo and Sydney last 5yrs so Fredericton food scene is a bit of a shock to me. I was happy to see there are a few ethnic eateries and especially Korean as I really do love a good bowl of kimchi jiggae. My partner and I had a few recommendations for Naru Sushi so gave it a go. I really don`t know why Korean people come here and try to make Japanese food. I guess it`s much trendier than Korean but Naru was poor. The rice was bad, seafood not fresh (including canned crab meat), and just a confusing, muddled, embarrassingly westernised menu. Only good thing was the salmon, which the waitress told us oddly was imported frozen from Japan (strange when some of the best fish is only an hour away here) only to have the owner come over later and say it was local.
                                  One good one is Bulgogi on King street. I know he serves Japanese food too but if you just stick to his Korean fare it`s pretty good. I know the decor is a bit tacky and it`s usually deserted but the bibimbap and different soups and stews are really tasty and authentic.
                                  Chez Riz- not bad.
                                  Snooty Fox- good fish n chips but took 45mins and terrible, terrible service. Come on, customers pay your wage guys, if you don`t treat them well they won`t come back.
                                  I know its a small town but there`s a huge gulf between the food scene in Montreal/Vancouver/Toronto etc compared to here. The produce is fantastic, just need a smart restaurateur to bring the goods.