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Sep 13, 2007 04:10 PM

Coffee Shops in Pasadena

Zona Rosa is hands down my favorite coffee shop in Pasadena. I just absolutely love the vibe of the place. However, I'm lookin for something new. Anybody got any recommendations for some great coffee shops with a very relaxed enviroment?

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  1. I like Zeli Coffee Bar, attached to Vroman's Bookstore, but the inside can feel cramped. The small patio in front can be nice. It's just around the corner from Zona Rosa, on Colorado, near the corner of El Molino Ave. :)

    Zeli Coffee Bar
    695 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101

    1. I like Zephyr on Colorado (just east of Sierra Madre Blvd). It's in a craftsman bungalow and you can hang out and play cards or read on the couches.

      1. Cafe Culture
        1359 N. Altadena Dr.

        1006 Mission St.
        South Pasadena

        1. I like Metropolitan Coffee and Tea. They are right across from VROMAN's next to US Bank. They have free wifi, good tasty coffee and ice blends. Lots of comfy couches and plenty of tables for studying or gossiping with friends. Their tea selection is great too. The only thing I don't like much is their pastry. The few times I've had some, they have been stale or just tasted really old. It's family owned and the children run it as far as I know. The daughter is super nice, but the son can be an ahole at times. They also sell sandwiches that are HUGE, but too pricy. I'd rather go down the block across from Target for some food.

          1. ditto on BUSTERS. also NICOLE'S (more of a market/deli) is pulling good coffee as is KALDI, both on el centro.

            BEAN TOWN in sierra madre has a good vibe and is recently serving beans from KLATCH ROASTING, one of the best roasters in SoCal.

            all have better coffee than ZONA ROSA and a good vibe.

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              Is Kaldi the one that's right on a corner? The one with no signage? Or at least I never could see a sign as I drive by.

              1. re: slacker

                Kaldi is the one on the corner right by the library.

                Busters is the one right by the train tracks if i remember right.

                Both good. I really like beantown too a) cuz its closer to me in arcadia and b) cuz they serve fossilmans ( busters does too if i remember right)