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Sep 13, 2007 03:57 PM

Restaurant Options for Oak Park/Cicero Area(Italian or other ethnic)

Going to dinner tomorrow night with a friend from Argentina. She lives in Cicero and I'm from the city so I am not real familiar with the area when it comes to restaurants. Looking for a mid-priced restaurant with entrees in the $10 to $20 range(prefer closer to $10 than $20 but can do $20). She likes Italian so that would be a first choice. However, would consider Mexican, Thai and almost any other ethnic restaurant. Who has good pizza in the area? Also, any of your restaurants BYOB.

What is the pricing like at Amarinds? Would love to try out the place if she was game.

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  1. Just today there's another discussion topic about ethnic food in the area. You'll find some recommendations there:

    For good pizza, Giordano's has a location in Oak Park. Best pizza in Chicago, IMHO (although there are almost as many opinions about Chicago pizza as there are places to eat it). The very similar Edwardo's also has a location in Oak Park,

    You'll find Amarind's menu, complete with prices, at

    1. go to la piazza in forest park.

      1. Amarinds may bust your budget slightly -- although entrees are in the $10-20 range, portions are on the small side. For 2 people, I'd order at least 2 entrees and 2 apps. Depends on how much, beyond the entrees you were planning to order.

        For Italian, I would suggest La Bella Pasteria in OP. La Piazza on Forest Park will probably exceed your budget. La Bella has pizza as well as pastas and other entrees. Our favorite Italian resto in OP, Cucina Paradiso, had a fire over the summer and is closed pending repairs. Trattoria 225 -- the new place on Harrison -- had real problems with service when we were there last month.

        1. Xni-pec right in Cicero. Yucatecan food. I plan on being there tonight. You can tell me off if you don't enjoy it. Homemade tortillas, interesting specialties, and bargain prices. Check, Please filmed there last week. Get in before the crowds start.

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            I'd second the recommendation for La Bella Pasteria; delicious pasta in a nice atmosphere. Or Wishbone in Berwyn on Roosevelt for Southern style, really good! La Majada on Harrison or New Rebozo on Madison in Oak Park for Mexican

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              We went to Xni-pec a few weeks ago. The service was prompt and attentive. In general, the food was good, but the shrimp and rice were overly salty. And, the Margarita was warm.

              We went on a sunday in the early evening, perhaps they were staffed with the "B" team. But, it was still a pleasant experience, and the food showed promise despite the salt.