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Sep 13, 2007 03:52 PM

The Ramp

At Hollywood Way and the 5 Freeway, sort of on the Burbank - Sunland border. It's a great place. I've been there a few times recently and had excellent meals each time. One night I went with two friends. I had a steak and baked potato, perfectly cooked, very reasonably priced. Only problem was the salad - which was otherwise fresh and had a nice variety to it - was a bit drenched. Next time I'll order dressing on the side. One friend had a chicken fried steak and garlic mashed potatoes. He's spent a lot of time in the South and he loves his chicken fried steak, and he says it was among the best he's ever had. His wife had the appetizer bowl of steamed clams - which was gigantic, way more than enough for a meal. The broth they were in was perfect - garlicky, a little spicy, clammy, a bit of white wine, shallots - truly the best steamed clams I've ever had in Southern California. She also had a Cesar Salad that would have sufficed for the three of us in size. It was very good, too.

I went back another night with my girlfriend, she got the clams and loved them. We shared some old fashioned-style great garlic bread. I had linguine vongole - which was good but I'd have liked it better with the broth that was on the steamed clams - the vongole sauce was more buttery than flavorful. If I want it again I'll order the clams and a side of plain pasta and mix my own.

Today we just stopped by for burgers, and as usual, it is one of the very best burgers in town, and very reasonably priced.

Everything is reasonably priced. The service couldn't be any friendlier or more efficient. It's a bar in front and restaurant in back so you can get any cocktail you want and they're reasonably priced as well. At night they have a variety of fresh fish specials that I have heard can be very good.

In all, if you want really good, straight forward, honest, reasonably priced American food - with the occasional creative touch on the specials - in a friendly, non-trendy, cellphone free (hooorrraaayyy!) bar atmosphere, I highly recommend The Ramp. ("Gary Bric's Ramp," to be precise.)

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  1. I second this. The place is a bit dingy - feels like one of those old dark seafood places near the beach, and the door makes this great creaking sound when it opens, but the food is great. I've only gone for lunch, so my favorites here are their clam chowder, burgers, and the club sandwich. I know, how hard can it be to make a sandwich, but what can I say theirs is really good. Oh, and next time you are ordering your dressing on the side try the blue cheese, homemade.

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      And a third from me. Dingy, yes - used to be a biker bar! But the steak there is great. Menus look like they were printed in the early 80s!

    2. As a born-and-raised Burbankian, this place is well-known to my family and myself. I've actually never eaten there (i'm living in Vegas these days) but my family still there RAVES about this place to no end! To my picky and highly judgemental Grandmother, they make in her words "the best shrimp scampi she's ever tasted" and has begged me to go there when I come to visit them. I allways say NO, as the look of the place on the outside worries me a bit! I guess I should bite the bullet and eat there, the next time i'm down, it seems.

      Grandma will be thrilled!

      1. I've been a couple of times, they have a sandwich (I can't remember the name) but it's sliced beef with cheese served on garlic cheese toast (very good)

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          julie's special. eat plenty of parsley afterwards or no one will be able to be within five feet of you.

        2. I used to eat lunch there once in a while in the 70s. Back then, middle management for Lockheed, punched a clock and were given 46 minutes for lunch. These guys would have a standing reservation with a cocktail and their soup or salad waiting for them. They we having a nice lunch with a drink in better time than the McDonalds crowd.