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Sep 13, 2007 03:48 PM

I-77 North between Charlotte and I-81

I'm thinking lunchtime on Saturday, and I sure don't want to make it fast food.
Anything worthwhile in the proximity of I-77? I don't mind making a slight diversion.

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  1. Stop by Shelton Vineyards and have lunch at their restaurant...great food and nice wine too!

    1. If you want something good, cheap, and some of the best authentic mexican tacqueria food around, there's a market/tacqueria across from the Burger King in Elkin, which is right off I-77. They press their tacos to order and their sandwiches are amazing. I recommend the cubana(which is more like the mexicana)or the pastor sandwich.

      1401 North Bridge Street, Elkin, NC 28621 (across from burger king)