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Sep 13, 2007 03:47 PM

Speaking of tortillas..

I just bought a pack of flour tortillas. Can anyone think of a yummy dessert to do with them and maybe splenda and butter or anything else.

(I suggested those cause I have it on hand)

BTW- I am a college student so I'm working with a microwave. =]

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  1. Try Nutella slathered on and folded, put in the micro for 20 seconds or so. You could put a sliced banana in there too.

    Disclaimer: I have never tried the above but it sounds like it may be good.

    1. Splenda, butter and cinnamon on a flour tortilla. If anyone in the dorm has a toaster oven, that would work better than a microwave. The microwave is just doing to make the tortilla hard, not necessarily crispy. So if you can find the toaster oven, brown on one side, then turn over and butter, sprinkle with spenda and cinnamon and toast again. Or toast with butter and honey like a sopapilla is good too.

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        omg i forgot about honey!! ahhhh. i need to go to the store!

      2. By Belgian mother-in-law would butter a flour tortilla, that cover it with chocolate sprinkles and then warm it up until the chocolate melts.