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Sep 13, 2007 03:37 PM

Beef Long-cut Short Ribs in San Francisco Bay Area? [moved from Home Cooking board]

Anybody know where I can find this cut of beef so that I may make it myself?

What I'm describing is what you can order at T-Rex BBQ Restaurant in Berkeley. This is one beef rib with a ginourmous hunk of meat hanging off of it.

All too often and Safeway, Albertson's, Costco etc. you see:

a) Boneless short ribs, sliced thin (too thin, and doesn't have the bone)
b) Beef back ribs (has the bone, but all the meat is cut off!)
c) Short Rib (Usually has some of the meat still there [not all] but this is usually a third of the rib --- the rib in this instance has been cut into three! Cow Ribs are much longer than this!)
4) Short Rib Flanken Style (Or, Korean Kalbi style - wrong axis of cutting)

Anybody know where I can purchase this cut of beef?


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  1. Look in the yellow pages for butcher shops. There are a couple in Concord, Fritz is a great one, in the back of a strip mall on Clayton road. When we lived in Concord I bought meat there weekly. The Rockridge Safeway (Broadway and Pleasant Valley Rd , Oakland) has done cuts to order for me. Try the Berkeley Bowl, I think they still cut meat. AskT-Rex who their meat vendor is. The vendor might be one who sells non commerical. good luck

    1. Mollie Stone. Just have them leave it whole as displayed -- Sausalito store has them.

        1. See Roger at Central Market on Appian in El Sobrante. He usually has large chunks of Harris Ranch ones uncut. Big enough to fill your skillet. This is a sister to Mi Tierra on San Pablo in Berkeley so you might ask there too.

          1. The butcher counter at Falletti's almost always has racks of beef ribs they will cut to order. That it probably true of most quality butchers in the city - don't be afraid to ask for something you don't see.