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Sep 13, 2007 03:25 PM

Chinese in Rockland or Bergen

I haven't been to a Chinese restaurant since China Echo in New City closed down years ago. Can anyone recommend a Chinese restaurant where the food can be just a routine menu or upscale, but most importantly the atmosphere is either sort of romantic or tiki-ish or sort of polynesian. I guess I'm just looking for somewhere not too bland looking. Thank you!

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  1. Food is definitely ordinary, but your criteria sound like you would actually enjoy a PFChangs, I think they are both in Rockland and Bergen. Formula food, but high tech digs.

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      Can't speak for Bergen, but there's no PF Chang's in Rockland. A local option might be Jade Village, in Chestnut Ridge. It's in an old house, with half the place Japanese and half Chinese. Food is okay but not rave-worthy, but the setting on the Chinese side is much more elegant than any other Chinese restaurant I've seen around Rockland.

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        Only eat in Chinese in Rockland I'd really recommend is Fortune Garden in Nanuet. However, may not be the atmosphere your looking for

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          I haven't been there in awhile, but I too like Fortune Garden. They have very good sesame chicken. You're right I don't think it has the atmosphere the op is seeking. They have a nice fish tank if that counts towards something! In Bergen Co. there is the Peking Duck House in Norwood, I haven't been there in years, but it has more of the atmoshpere you are looking for, I just can't comment on the food. For all I know the place is gone. Also, there's a place on Kindercamack Rd. in Hillsdale, I can't recall the name, but it too has the atmosphere you are seeking. I've only been there once, it's been there for ages, the food was ok, not wonderful.

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          I've been to Jade Village and enjoyed it very much. I would also recommend Golden Mushroom on 9W in Upper Nyack, right before the intersection with Christian Herald.

      2. I found Peking Duck House online & it looks perfect. Thank you all very much. I'll put them all on my list & see where I wind up!

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          I've been to Peking Duck House and I believe it is exactly what you're looking for. Of course if you go have the Peking Duck they do a little show right at the table.