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Sep 13, 2007 03:23 PM

Looking for Upscale Asian Cuisine

Looking for something along the lines of places Nobu, Morimoto, Buddakan, or Tao in LV, NYC, and Philly....but not sure what DC has to offer along these lines...Thanks in advace for your suggestions.

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  1. The best thing I can think of is TenPehn which is more upscale Asian (more along the lines of Pan-Asian or Asian-fusion though). Certainly no NoBu or Morimoto but it's been consistantly good the 4 or 5 times I've been there over the years. And I always remember great service. It's not as hip or hot as it once was but I still think it's pretty good.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      Yeah, that's all I could think of too. it's not a 'scene' place like those listed above, but the food is good Asian fusion.

      1. re: baconjen

        Thanks for the tip. I visited their web site and my impression is similar to your comments. One thing that surprised me is that there was NO sushi at all on the menu. Is that accurate or is the web site incomplete? We usually do one cold dish/appetizer, one hot dish/appetizer, and then sushi for dessert. That doesn't look possible here. To be frank, I am a little disappointed that DC doesn't have more to offer w/in this cuisine. With the endless list of high end steak houses, french restuarants, and at least a few top-of-the line seafood places, it seems that like there is a huge hole here.

        1. re: ivanl3

          No sushi that I remember. It's not a sushi restaurant...just Asian Fusion.

          There are places that offer sushi and a scene and other type of food---Oya in particular comes to mind. But I wouldn't call it an Asian restaurant (although I did enjoy the sushi rolls I got there very much and the fish I had was served with edamame and had a bit of an Asian taste to it).

          1. re: ivanl3

            Perhaps DC doesn't have more of this because the burbs do the real authentic stuff well. There are all sorts of neighborhoods known for their asian cuisines like Annandale, parts of Silver Spring, etc?

          2. re: baconjen

            I wish Ten Pehn were good, but I can't get myself to even like it one bit. I've been there 3 times and the first time was awful, the other two were worse. Service and drinks are good though.

        2. If you consider Indian "asian", there's the Bombay Club. I haven't been but my friends who are Indian swear by it and only go there for major functions.

          Bombay Club
          815 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20006

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          1. re: chowser

            We're much better with the Indian rather than Asian fusion! To add to chowser's comment, Rasika is more of a scene/fusion place if that is what you are looking for. Food I had was wonderful, but a bit overpriced and not authentic Indian. Great bar with complimentary chili basil popcorn.

            1. re: baconjen

              Rasika is a good choice, its like modern indian food and quite good at it. Not a place for purists but they do have good flavors.

          2. I have never been to the places you have mentioned, but Sushi Ko has a four course tasting menu. I don't know that they have many entrees, but I think they have some small plates.

            Also maybe look at the menu at Kaz they have some small plates and maybe some entrees too.

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            1. re: ktmoomau

              Also really if you want both an asian entree and sushi perhaps check out cafe asia I don't think it is the best representation of sushi or upscale asain, but if you want both together it might hit the spot.

            2. No, DC definitely doesn't have anything close to those, but there's a new place opening up by Gerard Pangaud that's Asian Fusion -- small place, Plum Blossom, on 18th Street.

              Given the fact that it's Pangaud, it promises to be of the NoBu/Morimoto level of quality eating experience, tho still not the big buzz atmosphere. Here's all I can find about since it's so new:


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              1. re: Night Owl

                You know I was just going to post the thread about this, I haven't been there yet, but looked like it might fit the bill and I remembered reading about it in Washington Post.

                Here is another article:

                1. re: ktmoomau

                  I don't think Plum Blossom is afiliated with Gerard Pagaud. He is taking the old Gerard's Place and reopening it as a Bistro.

                  1. re: deangold

                    You're right -- my mistake. Thanks for correcting! Pangaud's place is Adeline, opening Sept 24, nothing to do with Asian fusion.

              2. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Asia Nora. It's decent upscale Asian food and it has cold and warm entrees. I was happy with the sablefish I got the last time I was there... but it's certainly no Nobu.

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                1. re: botnot

                  i have been asking this question for years and the simple answer is DC has nothing close to what you are looking for. I am really suprised no one has tried to open somehting like this because i think it would be hugely succesful. I went to Megu in NYC this past weekend for the second time and i was floored! it is now the top of my list for asian fusion. Kobe Beef and Foie Gras Croquettes, wow!

                  1. re: elegantelliot

                    Its a small world. I did Megu on Tues night for the first time and loved it. Also had the Kobe Beeg & Foi Gras Croquettes....Did Koi on, NYC and Vegas rock when it comes to dining (especially this kind of place)

                    1. re: ivanl3

                      i couldnt agree with you more. i heard the Koi in NYC is not as good as the one in LA, so i have stayed away, but the one in LA was great. apparently Megu is blowing up and they are opening in Miami, Chicago, Vegas, LA and some other places. Why not DC??????

                      1. re: elegantelliot

                        I agree. Koi is overrated. Megu on the other hand is delicious. So many good sushi places in NY. Very sad that there are none in DC. Although I heard KAZ is pretty good here.

                  2. re: botnot

                    I was going to say Asia Nora before but a) I haven't eaten there before (although I've heard wonderful things) and b) it didn't seem like the other spots especially in terms of the scene and decorating aspect (for example a GIANT buddha at the center of the restaurant a la Buddakan). But I imagine food wise it might be the closest choice along with TenPehn.

                    1. re: Elyssa

                      Unfortunately Asia Nora is nothing close, it is very good, but nothing like you are looking for.

                      1. re: elegantelliot

                        the more i think about this i cant believe i neglected to think of one of my favorite restaurants, Raku in Bethesda. Its consistenely the most inventive japanese in the area. I went again on Saturday and had the Toro Tartare to start and the Wok Grilled Lobster. It was fantastic as always. And the New Style Yellowtail Sashimi is one of my faves as well. It doesnt come close to nobu in style or atmosphere but you should definitely give it a try.

                        1. re: elegantelliot

                          If Raku is the most elegant japanese you've had in the area I urge you to try Sushi Ko

                          1. re: cleveland park

                            i did not say "elegant", i said inventive. And i have been to Sushi Ko several times and i do not think it is anywhere near as good as the Raku in Bethesda.

                            1. re: elegantelliot

                              I'm sorry I meant inventive not elegant, I think its the ADD kicking in. But as far as I'm concerned i've never seen monkfish liver, the collar of fish, the cheeks, or any inventive ingredients cooked in an inventive way at Raku. I'm not saying its bad, I think Raku in Bethesda is a fine choice, that puts out consistent good food, but not at the level of Sushi Ko. But then again we are all entitled to our opinions and we just happen to disagree on this one. I'm Not trying to pick a "cyber fight" here, I just happen to think highly of Sushi Ko.

                              1. re: cleveland park

                                Btw, from what I hear Raku in Bethesda is not to be confused with the Raku in Dupont (which I've been to many, many times but is only so-so). I hear the Bethesda location is far, far better and possibly even owned by different people.

                                1. re: Elyssa

                                  right, I was referring to the one in Bethesda, b/c the one in Dupont is so so. Strange how two restaurants bearing the same are so different from one another

                                  1. re: cleveland park

                                    you are obviously entitled to your opinion, but i really think Raku is much better than Sushi Ko. I am however looking forward to the opening of Sushi Ko in Chevy Chase if they ever get it up and running!