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Sep 13, 2007 03:23 PM

ISO of the best Pizza in CC (or vicinity)

I've got tons of options in culver city, but haven't been really happy with the pizza situation. I've tried several and they've been so unremarkable (The Coop, Mama's, Lucias). I'm hoping there is one that's fairly close to Culver City and delivers. I'm a fan of Lamonicas in Westwood and Johnny's in WLA and Century City. But those take a little bit of effort to get to. I'm thinking more along carry out.

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  1. During the week (closed Sat. & Sun.) Victor Jr's. is a good bet, (and they deliver).

    1. try Vito's on La Cienega north of Melrose, a little far but damn good! Just had a slice of the meatball/jalapano and the veggie last night, real good stuff!

      1. Pizzarito in Marina del Rey (in Villa Marina shopping center at Glencoe and Mindanao between CVS and the big construction project where Vons is becoming Pavilions. No delivery but yummy pizza with ample cheese and toppings.

        1. Lot's of people like the Coop on Palms where it crosses the freeway and turns into National. I find it bland with it's one cheese and boring sauce. I like Villa Italia on Sepulveda just north of Washington. It's not really a deep crust but if comes out kinda puffy and light--definitely a little different. It doesn't travel well however. I think that the puffy crust gets doughy in the steam or something. I used to REALLY like the deep dish from Numero Uno over at La Cienega and Rodeo. It was to closest to my much loved and lamentably gone Chicago Pizzo Works in that it was a thick, slighty sweet crust paired with a tangier than normal sauce. We stopped ordering from there because the price for the (large) pizza we liked crossed $20 dollars and the quality was just too uneven. When it was right though, it was scrumptalicious.