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Fun BYOs in N. Monmouth County NJ


I would love to get some suggestions on fun, moderately priced ($15-$25 entrees) BYO's in the northern part of Monmouth County. I am looking for a place for a group of six to have a fun, quite likely loud, birthday celebration. If they take reservations, that would be great also, but not necessarily a requirement.

Thanks so much for any assistance.

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  1. Maybe That's Amore on Rt. 9 North in Marlboro?

    1. I am not sure if it is technically North Monmouth(haven't lived here long enough to know the distinction-it's probably west Monmouth) but, El Meson in Freehold Boro-right on the main drag there is good. I always see tables with pitchers of margaritas they brought from home or buckets of Dos Equis. I think the food is good and the prices are really reasonable too.

      1. la cashina on rte 34 in aberdeen- matawan. good italian food, they have parites/groups here all the time so it tends to be a little loud.....BYO

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          I ate here with my wife for our anniversary. Somewhat dissapointing. The appetizers(baked clams and a shrimp w/scallions special) lacked flavor. My entre (stuffed sole) was lukewarm and actuallty tough. Either it was not fresh or overcooked or both. My wife had the lasagna which was tasty but again not as hot as it should've been. Dinner includes salad and bread.The desert tray is frozen and frosty.Even the non-frozen deserts are presented this way. Very unappealing. BYOB. The staff is friendly and attentive. Prices are kind of high for a local restaurant.

        2. i just returned from dinner at That's Amore, not worth the wait or the price. Poor service, we were seated for a long time and others who came in after us were served before us. The manager was aloof. The food was nothing special. I will not return.

          1. Navesink Fishery on on Rt 36 in Navesink. Uniquely prepared local catch as well as fish from other areas.

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              Far East Taste, Eatontown, NJ
              Aby's Mexican, Matawan, NJ
              Thai Thai, Old Bridge, NJ
              Cucina Cuzco, South River, NJ (okay almost north monmouth)
              Mie Thai, Woodbridge, NJ (again, almost north monmouth)
              West Lake Seafood, Matawan, NJ

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                Yeah, Woodbridge is almost Northern Monmouth. Hell it's Northern Middlesex.

                Nice try. Same with the South River restaurant.

            2. Some Good BYOB Italian in the area

              La Cashina Rt 34 Marlboro makes a good Lasagna and I remember an AMAZING Caramel Peanut Butter Tartufo - The restaurant is packed with tables and gets loud.

              Tardi's in Point Pleasant makes a great Shrimp Fra Diavolo - a favorite!

              That's Amore has plenty of room in that restaurant, it is loud but they do make a good plate of Linguine with white clam sauce.

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                BYOB in Howell
                I know this is not Northern Monmouth. But a new restaurant opened a month ago.
                It's called Pia Linguina and in these tough times it is a perfect place to visit.
                Thye have a limted menu offering 3 different pasta's and 3 different entrees that change on a dailly basis. the cost is for the pasta 2 for $25 and for the Entrees 2 for $30 includeds salad, and dessert and coffe. My wife and I have benn there three times and each meal was great. Well worth the trip south especially for the price

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                  i am intrigued by pia linguina, how is the food? ambiance? vegetarian/fish options available? thanks

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                    The food is very good. Thye make eveything frresh for that day and when they run out its off the menu that night. The ambiance is fun, expecially on a Sat. as they do a sing-a-long while pasing a mike around. They do have egg plant on the menu. Hope that helps

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                      yes, thank you. they pass a mike around? interesting.... i will have to check it out with dh, who refuses to sing at karaoke.

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                  Tardi's? Really? I have eaten here at least a dozen times because I can walk there, but that is the best I can say about it. Plus, that would be northern Ocean county.

                3. The new Bayou Cafe location in Freehold would probably be a good bet for good food and making a ruckus...

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                    I agree Mark! What a place! I was there last weekend for the first time. What a welcomed change to the area. The food was great and the service was great too. I am really looking forward to going back.

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                      Is the owner Tim from Manasquan location? If so, I will be trying it very soon!