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Should I talk them out of LICK's?

As stated in a previous post, the gang of kids and adults want to eat after Cirque du Soleil. What I presented was the fast food options at Leslie and Lakeshore since they were close.
What they have come back with is going to a LICK's location, preordering and then calling them to start the order when Cirque is done. Again, 40 people with almost all being teens.
I don't want to disappoint and they are eager to try something different.
Should we go to Lick's or not; remember that fast food (Wendy's and BK are the other option)?
Where would be the closest location to the cirque area?

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  1. I should mention that I have to decide by tomorrow morning so I can call the Lick's that is closest to see what I can do. I am feeling under the gun!

    1. Well Licks is definitely further away from Cirque than Wendy's but not that much further. And for a bunch of teens, Licks food will definitely satisfy. The problem may be parking.

      It's on Queen a few blocks east of Woodbine on the north side.

      2034 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L1J4, CA

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        Licks is absolutely a notch above the other two options and will have a significantly better selection to choose from than Wendy's or BK. Should go over very well with your target group. It'd certainly be *my* choice given the immediate options in the area (although as JamieK pointed out, it's a touch farther than Wendy's).

        Their veggie-burgers are unepxpectedly decent (and this from an avowed carnivore).

        1. re: thebigsmoke

          Would it be worthwhile to go to any of these locations that may be close or on our way to the 401W towards Kitchener?
          Toronto 654 Danforth Avenue (at Pape)***
          Beaches 1960 Queen Street East (East of Woodbine)
          Etobicoke1585 The Queensway (Between the 427 and Kipling)***
          Scarborough 2383 Kingston Road (West of Midland Avenue)***
          Scarborough 43 Milner Road Map (Highway 401 and McCowan)***

          Don't know my way around that area too much so I am relying on your expertise. What constitutes a touch further? 15 mins or 30 mins?

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            The Licks in the Beaches is about 5 to 10 minutes further east than Wendys. I don't know why my link shows 2034 Queen. It's 1960 Queen at the corner of Kenilworth.
            However, since you have to head west anyway, I think the one on Queensway between near Kipling is your best bet. Better parking situation too, I bet.

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              I agree Licks is more fun than Wendys for teens.

              When you leave Cirque, drive west on Lakeshore and jump on the Gardiner West for 10 minutes.
              Exit at Kipling northbound (keep right)
              Turn west on The Queensway at first set of lights (left)
              Licks is 5 minutes down the road on the left side and there is easy parking.
              Etobicoke1585 The Queensway (Between the 427 and Kipling)

              When done (onion rings)...
              Continue west on The Queensway 2 minutes and jump on the 427 North to the 401 West.

              Should be very painless.


              1. re: deelicious

                Ok; sounds painless enough! The things I do for these teens I tell you (and they aren't even my children).

        2. go for the licks....and get some onion rings too....

          1. Oooh, I hope I don't sound like a pessimist (and let me say that I think Lick's is "better" than Wendy's any day) - but I think you would make your life a lot easier going the Wendy's route.

            To do Lick's, you will have to advance-process 40 orders from teenagers (and to sort it all out when and if it arrives correctly, which it probably won't)... and you'll have to go out of your way to get the food (driving a bus, I assume, in Toronto traffic!).

            I admire your willingness to do something special for this group, but all things considered, I would say go to Wendy's. Either way - it's burgers - which is perfectly fine!! And, as fast food, at least Wendy's has some alternative offerings. And they'll be able to cope with your large group on the fly.

            I think you're an angel for worrying so much about making a great day for these kids - they're lucky to have you!

            1. What about the Boardwalk in the beaches? If you're going to be at Lakeshore&Leslie.

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                What the heck; tell me about it. Never heard of it.
                The reason I thought LICKs was more feasible was because I was going to fax the order over in the morning and then number the orders including toppings etc and assign each kid their number so that they are not standing in line trying to decide what topping while the other 30 burgers are getting frigid,

              2. My personal choice for the neighbourhood would be to go to the new T&T (across the street from the Cirque tent) and feast on delectables from their prepared food area. They have outdoor seating to boot! :)

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                  xtal, I agree on your T&T thought. Wife and I did that last week when just checking out the new store ... quite pleasant.

                  itryalot...you are between a rock and a hard place. I'd vote for LICKs in order to be able to get the ordering out of the way. Wendy's would most certainly be better eqiupped to handle 40 orders en masse but I can't imagine corralling 40 kids into ordering/deciding.

                  Good luck and you are an angel!

                2. Okay, so just curious, did you end up at Licks on Kipling? How did it go? Were they able to fulfil your requests? And were the teens happy?

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                    I am processing the pre orders tonight; just taking a break and catching up on some Chow reading. I will be faxing the orders tomorrow (I am going to the one on the Queensway). I will call from Cirque when we leave and he will start getting the orders ready. How long does it take to get from Cirque to there; I am giving us 30 mins at 6:30 pm?
                    I await an answer and will write back on how it goes. We also settled on Tucker's in Scarborough for lunch. They adore Frankie Tomatto's, but want to try another AYCE place. I was hoping I could sneak out and get some real food, but no luck!

                    1. re: itryalot

                      In normal traffic conditions, it should take less than 30 min from Cherry St. to Kipling but alas, the Gardiner is never predictable and usually frustrating. You may also get delayed getting out of the Cirque, according to this thread (see jinxed post):

                      1. re: JamieK

                        Count on it taking a loooooong time to get out of the Cirque parking lot, probably 15-20 minutes. I got stuck in that mess on my way to walk my pooch at Cherry Beach and it was molasses...in the not chowhoundy way...

                  2. Lick's is a step up in quality, but I presume it's also a lot more fatty than Wendy's.

                    From what I've read, Wendy's is closer as well.

                    Of course, I'm probably splitting hairs when it comes to deciding which burger joint is healthier.

                    1. ahhh the memories of california sandwiches (right beside the licks on queensway). well, im in california right now and let me tell you i havent found a single veal worth mentioning, outright wrong!

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                      1. re: YYZ2LAX

                        Wish I had known about it; going tomorrow. Too late to change plans. Have some excited teens. Will post teen critique of LICK's and of Tucker's Marketplace on the weekend.