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Apple picking in NNJ or Hudson Valley

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I haven't picked my own apples in years and I have no idea where to go. Any suggestions for a nice day of apple picking and a nice homey lunch/dinner?

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  1. There are many Apple Farms in Dutchess County. Probably the biggest and best know is Greig Farms in Red Hook.


    There is also Gigi Market right there which has pizza's, soups, sandwiches that are very good. You could also go into Rhinebeck, Red Hook or Tivoli for other lucnch/dinner choices. There is a Gigi in Rhinebeck (full serve restaurant) that is good


    And there's Sante Fe in Tivoli


    And Max's Memphis BBQ in Red Hook


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      I would add Fraleigh's Rose Hill Farm Fraleigh Ln.Contact: 845/758-4215. Just down the road from Greig, alittle less comercial, less crowded. The owners are so nice, and they have the best apple pie you will ever eat.

      1. re: chowdom

        I have had their apple pies and they are to die for. My wife and I purposely picked the orchard from the Dutchess tourism board that DIDNT have a website, seekign a less commercial vibe. The people were nice and that apple pie put Little Pie Co. to shame!

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          I'm so glad you had the pleasure of eating their apple pie, they inspired me to write a review on one of the tourism boards! My mom has a weekend house up there, and just this week I asked her to bring me home another pie. If you ask they will give you an uncooked pie. Oh the smell in my kitchen!

    2. Tree-Licious Ochards is my favorite...they're in N. Jersey:

      Tree-Licious Orchards 135 Karrville Rd., Port Murray
      Directions: Rt. 80 W, Exit 26, Rt. 46 Hackettstown, Rt. 629S Port Murray (Grand Ave), Rt. 628 W, 1.5 mi. (908) 689-2906
      Phone: (908) 852-7191 (Bakery)
      Email: jkesler@hotmail.com
      Open: Weekends (Friday - Sunday), July 15 - Oct. 15, 9 am - 5 pm, by appointment

      1. If you want to go as far north as Columbia County, I recommend Samascott Orchards, just east of the traffic light in the village of Kinderhook.

        Lunch could be Our Daily Bread in Chatham -- inventive salads, great soups & sandwiches in casual setting. And an assortment of fresh bread and pastries.
        Then poke around Main St. in the Village of Chatham -- nice shops.
        Or lunch in Hudson -- Swoon Kitchenbar, Mexican Radio.

        1. No specific recs, but I'd consider a short trek up to New Platz (exit 18 on NYS Thruway), for both u-pick farms, a nice town, and good restaurants.

          Google, and see what you find...a quick check shows several u-picks in the town

          1. What about Warwick, NY---we are going to head there today to Applewood orchards--and then go to Sugar Loaf village afterwards...anybody ever done this? Any good eats near warwick?

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              I was about to suggest the Warwick area too. It borders Sussex County, NJ, so there are many NY and NJ options right there.

              As for eats...there are plenty of them. So many good restaurants in Warwick and the surrounding area. If you want to eat fancy, don't miss the Iron Forge Inn.

              Be sure to stop at the Bellvale Creamery on 17A in Bellvale (between Warwick and Greenwood Lake). It's the best ice cream ever! (and it comes from their own dairy farm)

            2. We recently did picking at Barton's in Pouqguag (sp?) and ate fabulous bbq afterward a few miles away at big W's in Wingdale - not homey and no atmosphere but great bbq.

              Barton Orchards
              63 Apple Tree Ln, NY 12570

              Big W's Roadside Bar B Que
              1475 Route 22, Wingdale, NY 12594

              1. Wiklow Orchards in Highland, near New Paltz. The town of New Paltz has a bunch of places to eat -- Main Street Bistro is reliable and fun.

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                  no, no! please don't recommend wilklow orchards! they are our secret place that we adore and it's so busy already. :)

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                    Then I won't tell anyone that the cider donuts hot from the machine are addictive.

                2. We really like Prospect Hill Orchards in Milton. They have nice low trees so you don't need to use pickers. They also charge by the pound so you can buy as many or as few as you need. I don't know of places for food around there (although we did pick up some baked stuff at a place in Milton last year before we got there). Very nice people, too.

                  I would like a suggestion of a good place for brunch in the general area since we might be meeting my daughter there in a week or two. She'd be coming down from Albany.


                  1. the warwick ny area has at least 5 u pic orchards to pick from, the most commericalized ones are maskers on 17A and pennings on rte 94 (who also charge 3.00 per bag MORE than the other 4 in the town, their price is 20.00 per bag, the others are 15/16.25/and 17!)) the best bets for you would be OCHS orchard on rte 94 (1 mile from pennings and 2 1/2 from maskers) they also have a nice farm market including home made icecream and farm animals. Applewood is a nice bet too but as crowded as pennings and maskers, but is located a short distance from Sugarloaf which is fun to visit in the fall as well. Jessup Rd Orchard is a small but relatively unknown spot for you as well, they are not on the beaten path but are ez to find. Have a fun time!

                    1. This is so exciting. We live in Florida but are renovating a second home in Fishkill. I have picked oranges and strawberries. Caught fish off my own dock and eaten them for dinner. Watched manatee wallow their way down the river and have housed alligators in my bathtub (not recently - illegal - my teenagers' antics - not recommended). BUT never have I had the chance to go apple picking or cider drinking - I just can't wait.

                      1. OK...so my question is a spinoff from the original thread. Who has the best homemade hot cider donuts?

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                          Demarest Farms in Hillsdale is pretty reliable for cider donuts- pretty good apple picking as well. They do get mobbed on the weekends, though.

                          Last year we did a place called The Orchards in Pomona, NY and had good luck. The apples were very good and you didn't have to go scrounging for them. To me it's all about the apples, and I have to pick them directly off of the tree myself. I have had one too many bad experiences with those bags of pre-picked apples sold at the farmstands to trust that they will be satisfactory. Usually the good places won't even open up certain sections until those particular varieties are ready, and there are very few things that beat a freshly picked apple.

                          This year's plan is to hopefully try out Dr. Davies Farm, which is off of exit 5N on the Palisades Pkwy and coincidentally not too far from Bailey's in Blauvelt for some of that heavenly brisket!

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                            Hey everybody thanks for sharing. I'm going today. Just wanted to mention to TongoRad that last year I tried to go to Dr. Davie's & it was a complete mob so I actually skipped it. If you do go I'd recommend a back-up plan like The Orchards at Conklin which is less than 15 minutes from there (tho i've never picked there but i see you did). Have fun!

                            1. re: pumpkin donut

                              Thanks. We actually never made it to Dr. Davies because that particular weekend the weather was so good that we went to the beach instead. Just this past Sunday, as a spur of the moment thing, we went to The Orchards at Concklin just because we were already familiar with it, and I'm really glad we did. It was not too crowded with a crazy amount of trees (and apples as well, naturally). We also had really good luck with the bakery items- made on premesis. Very fresh cider donuts, in particular- nice fluffy crumb, not too sweet. Good stuff.

                              I also just thought I'd point out that after studying the directions to Dr. Davies I saw that it is not as close to Exit 5N on the PIP as I had originally thought- it is much more north of that and unfortunately not very close to Bailey's after all :(

                              1. re: TongoRad

                                I was actually contemplating going to Dr. Davies this coming Sunday, but maybe The Orchards is a better bet.

                                My kids are young, 3 and 1, so I'm wondering if either of these places have any pumpkins, etc? The truth is that we won't last very long if we only go apple picking.

                                We'd go in the morning, so hopefully either place won't be too crowded.

                                1. re: valerie

                                  Actually, I just did a search and came up with this for Conklin Orchards:

                                  "PYO peaches, pears, apples, pumpkins. Farm stand with a variety of fresh produce. Special Events featuring Pony Rides, Hayrides, and other attractions."

                                  Maybe we'll give this a try.

                                  1. re: valerie

                                    Going early is always a good bet, both in terms of the crowds and bakery items. We bring our kids as well, so we're always the first ones wherever we go.

                                    Just a few words about The Orchards if you are bringing little ones: parking for the apple picking is in a grassy field adjacent to the trees, and you may have a problem if you are relying on a stroller. The people I saw last sunday with strollers were using those "jogging" kind with the big wheels, and even that seemed to be a struggle. On the plus side there is an amazing playground not too far from there so that you can make a big day of it. It is called Ramapo Park, or something like that, and is on the same road that The Orchards is on, only on the other side of the PIP by a half mile or so. Hopefully you will get as nice a day as we did.

                                    1. re: TongoRad

                                      Thanks for the info re: strollers. I didn't really give it much thought, although I suppose I need to put my 1 year old someplace!

                                      We live in Westchester, but Rockland is close enough, which is why I was considering those places. I don't want to travel too far, since at this point in time, it's really not worth it. (Quite honestly, my kids would be just as happy to go to Stew Leonard's and see the pumpkins and Halloween "stuff" there!)

                                      Is there another small child-friendly place that you would recommend in the general vicinity (i.e. not too far north or west)?


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                                        Demarest Farms in Hillsdale (that I mentioned earlier in the thread)may be a little more geared towards the kids. I remember rides and haybale mazes and stuff like that.

                                        You park in the lot where the farmstand is located and then take a tractor ride over to where the trees are. I'm not sure if you can bring a stroller on the tractor ride or not but even if you can you will probably only be able to use it as a 'seat', and not really push it around.

                                        Other than that I'm coming up blank. Sorry.

                                  2. re: TongoRad

                                    Funny -- the Orchards at Concklin are/were just in another thread on the Manhattan board because they are part of the greenmarket at Rock Ctr. They are apparently known for having THE BEST apple cider donuts.

                                    1. re: TongoRad

                                      If you do go to Dr. Davie's, Bailey's (yum!) is only about a 15 minute drive away. Other than Bailey's which is 2 blocks off of Rt. 303 (which the PIP puts you onto), you just drive up 303 North straight all the way until you get to a light & make a left onto Rt. 304 & then you can't miss Dr. Davies' less than a mile ahead of you. So it might take awhile but it's straight & easy. p.s. there is also a dr. davies farmstand off of rt. 303 but that's not the orchard. & yes, Conklin has great donuts! Or you could go to Conklin & then get off the PIP#5 & stop by Bailey's!

                                2. re: jdf

                                  Golden Harvest, on Route 9 in Valatie. The Best. Fresh everyday -- plain or sugared. Get there in the a.m. and they are warm.

                                  1. re: jdf

                                    Weed's farm in Marlboro NY has great hot cide donuts. Very family orientated place. Nice staff.

                                    1. re: jdf

                                      I happen to have made a completely unscientific study of this very topic. And Jenkin-Leukins, about 5 minutes west of new paltz on 299, has my favorite cider donuts in the area. I find they have more cinnamon and flavor than some of the other places.

                                    2. While gowing up, I spent my summers surrounded by apple orchards in Clintondale, NY not far from New Paltz. Minard's Farms and Hurd's Farms had the best apples. I can't stand to eat apples from any place else.......and don't even think of giving me an apple from Washington State

                                      1. I know it is a bit late in the game but we really like Outhouse Orchards in Croton Falls - while it gets really crowded the apples are usually plentiful and very good. This place is great if you have kids as they have a hayride, pumpkin patch, pony rides and on the weekends usually some entertainment. They have a great =store and cider donuts that my kids love. they also have a few animals outside to look at. if you do not have kids - I'd probably skip this place but with kids - it is fabulous.

                                        1. Just wanted to say thanks for recommending Ochs in Warwick. I am only soo sorry that I didn't have my camera. The view was spectacular. While there I hit Warwick Winery, Bobolink Dairy for cheese & bread, & ended at Bellvale Creamery for homemade ice-cream. Thanks for that recommendation too! What a pleasant trip upstate.