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Northern Italy food trip

Planning trip from Strasbourg to Venice later in fall. Want to build it around food, of course. Trying to decide whether to stay in Venice and take day trips out or stay somewhere else and take a day trip (or two) into Venice. Any thoughts or suggestions. We will have a car, and again, food is the whole point.

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  1. I would think about doing both, spending a few nights in Venice and spending a few nights on the mainland in the Veneto.

    We did this a number of years ago, spending several nights in Venice and several nights in Castlefranco Veneto, which is centrally located between Vicenza, Padua, Treviso & Bassono del Grappa. Generally speaking, the cost of dining and hotel accomodations are much lower on the mainland than in Venice.

    If you do a search on this board for all the cities you are thinking of visiting, you will find numerous suggestions here.

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      DavidT is absolutely correct about venice being expensive for lodging and food, but there is something to be said for spending a couple of nights in venice. Wandering the alleys of the city after the daytrippers disappear is pretty special IMO. I thought the food was okay but unremarkable compared to other areas. We ate at a lot of wine bars and had small plates.

    2. imho. make verona your base camp

      1. Don't know your agenda, time constraints, or route, but I strongly suggest spending a bit of time in the Piedmont. The food is remarkable. We just returned from a week in a little agriturismo about 15 km south of Alba (Ca' del Lupo in Montelupo Albese) and it was remarkably nice. The hotel room was modern, spacious, cheap, and had a great view. The service was great and the restaurant attached to the hotel was fantastic. It was the perfect base to discover the cheese (murrazzano, castelmagno, robbiolas, etc.), wine (dolcetto, barolo, etc.), and traditional piemontese food. A really, really wonderful place.

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          Have you ever had one of those 'duh' moments. Thank you so much for the input. Piedmont looks wonderful. We were so focused on getting to Venice... You all are the best!

        2. In the ancient town of Lucca is Bucca De San Antonio, a restaurant that has been in the same location run by the same family for 500 years. There you will find food of the gods.

          1. Verona is a wonderful base to explore from and less than 3 hours' drive from Venice. Here are my reports on Verona and surrounds and on Modena, which is a must-do if you are in that part of the world.



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              take train from verona to venice..much more efficient..i also have been to modena many times..one of my fave places in italy...giusti/morandi friends of ours...fab

            2. Depending which autostrada you take, you may drive near Bergamo. I was pleasantly surprised by this city. There are actually two cities -- the new part and the old part. The old part is called Citta Alta or something like that and it's got beautiful buildings, great views, lots of local and non-local tourists, etc. I thought it was worth seeing. We stayed in a nice hotel in the old city, which is a bit of an adventure because the road was barely wider than our car and it was jammed with pedestrians, so I had to go about 2 mph to get there. And the food was pretty good for a city that has a lot of tourists. Of course, I was in a great state of mind because the newer part of the city has a Grom Gelato store and my personal opinion is that the gelato makers at Grom ride an escalator down from heaven every morning to get to work. They are gods.

              1. Just want to say thank you to everyone. The 'net is such a wonderful thing! You all have given such great suggestions. We have to make a decision this weekend. I will certainly report back after the trip.

                1. Absolutely stay in Venice, leaving your car at Piazza Roma. There's no place quite like Venice on the face of the earth. For me it ranks as the most beautiful treat for the eye that I've ever seen.

                  For the taste buds, on the other hand, the city is problematic. As a general rule, the further from Piazza San Marco and the closer to the edges of the city, the better-- with exceptions. Check this board for restaurant recommendations.

                  If you wish to divide your time between Venice and the mainland, I'd stay first in Venice, then in Vicenza.

                  1. IMO, Venice is the best place in the world. However, not necessarily for food. I have read on eGullet of people training from Venice to Padua and taxiing to Le Calandre, apparently worth the trip. The food presentation liiks fantastic. (Bring money) I don't know if they have a website.

                    I'm leaving for Piemonte next week and have heard nothing but enthusiastic reports of the food and wine. Can't wait. (Will finish with a few days in Venice.)

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                      where are you going in piemonte? We just returned and had a wonderful time exploring the countryside, looking for food.

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                        Forgot the name of the little town we will be near, but its just northeast of Asti. I have so many cheat sheets of restaurants all over the area that I think sorting through them will occupy me on the entire trip over the water.

                        Definately will visit "Eatily" in Torino.