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Sep 13, 2007 02:19 PM

Recommendations for Indianapolis south 'burbs

We're traveling through, stopping for the night at a motel off I-74/465 on Indianapolis' southern perimeter, and we'd like to have dinner at something more local and higher quality than the national chain places near our motel.
I would love to go to Shen Yang for Chinese. But that's 17 miles from our motel, and after the long drive up from SC, we may be just too beat.
There's a Max & Erma's a few miles away, but I've been to their place in Lexington, Ky, and although it's okay in a pinch, it's pretty generic.
Our motel is about 1-1/2 mi. south of the U. of Indianapolis campus. Can anyone recommend a local place within, say 5 or 6 miles?

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  1. oofa henry66....

    There's not much there.

    However - if you get back on 465 and head to the next exit south (Emerson) and head south on Emerson, there is a GT Souths - good barbecue and I do like their baby back ribs and pulled pork. The sides aren't much, think cafeteria, but the ribs are really good. There are a few other bar type places along Emerson as well - and I think a few chains!

    The next exit north is US52 and there's nothing there except a bar, next exit is Washington Street and then you're practically to Shen Yang.

    Good luck and hopefully someone else will chime in with another idea.


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      Oop - sorry I meant Yen Ching - that's on Washington.

    2. The University of Indianapolis is only about 5 miles from downtown so your hotel is probably between 7 and 8 miles of all the great resturants downtown.

      If you don't want to go all the way into downtown just south and east of downtown is Fountain Square. Not being excatly sure where your hotel is you can go Thompson Road to Keystone to Prospect and you will be in the area. I think this would be the about 5 or 6 miles from your hotel. I am not overly familiar with the area so my recommendations would only be Luxor or the Fountain diner in the Fountain Square Theatre building. I know there are other resturants in the area but I am not familar enough with them to make a recommendation.

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      1. re: bonmann

        Downtown is certainly an option, as there doesn't appear to be much on the south side. I would welcome any recommendations for someplace that would suit a couple of road-weary travelers. How about Bistro 936?

        Our motel is near the intersection of Thompson Road and S. East St., just south of the freeway.

        1. re: henry66

          I think that Peter George had to close all of his restaurants, so I don’t think that Bistro 936 is even in business any more.

          Since I am not as familiar as I should be with that part of town let me put in this link

          That will give you a directory of fountain square restaurants. The only one’s I have been to are Luxor and Fountain diner and that was a few years ago.

          I did have another thought. There is a casual steak house just a few miles from your hotel. It is called Bynum’s Steakhouse and is on State Road 135 N. You can take Thompson west to 135 and then go north about a mile.

          Maybe there are other CHers out there with a better grip on the south side than me. But I hope this helps.

      2. I think you're better off going into Indianapolis (Bistro R or Elements, for example)-driving in Indianapolis is very easy...but if you want to avoid that two places come to mind-
        Vito Provolone's, 8031 S Meridian-basic red-sauce Italian
        Thai Spice:

        If you are looking for a good breakfast or lunch spot, I'd recommend The Bay Window-

        1. I'm probably way too late on this, but just in case you're still looking for a place on the south side I thought I'd throw in my $0.02.

          I'll second the recommendation for Thai Spice ( ) on County Line Road, across the street from the Greenwood Mall. I'm addicted to the "Sun Dried Beef". Everything that we've had there has been very good.

          Probably our favorite restaurant in the city right now is Ichiban Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar located at:

          8265 US Highway 31 S
          Indianapolis, IN 46227
          (317) 883-1888

          It's in a strip mall maybe 5 miles south of I-465 on US 31. The easiest way to find it is to watch for the Kinkos that's up near the road (on the left hand side as you're travelling south). Everything here is top-notch. Sammy the owner/Sushi Chef runs a tight ship and it shows. Here's ( ) a review from last Friday's Indy Star.

          Bistro 936 was a wonderful place to have about 3 blocks from our house, but it along with the rest of Peter George's restaurants went under a few years back. A darn shame!

          1. Hop on 65 North and go to Yats (cheap Cajun/Creole), Bazbeux (pizza), or MacNivens (Scottish pub) on Massachusetts Ave. (Exit at the Downtown/City Market/Stadium exit). An exit or two south of that off of 65 is Santorini's or the Shelbi Street Cafe in Fountain Square.