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Sep 13, 2007 02:18 PM

Classroom Restaurant - Pittsburgh

Has anyone been to the Classroom Restaurant in Peter's Township? We are looking for a good, non-chain restaurant south of South Hills Village for dinner. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Only been there once and had a perfectly fine dinner. It wasn't adventurous cuisine, but it was capably done and service was professional. The reason we haven't been back is actually other customers across from us who were fighting and answering cell phone calls all throughout dinner - that led to us not having a great experience.

    Not as classical, but very good, would be Bado's Cucina.

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      Panni Guy - thank you for another great recommendation. We went to Bado's Cucina tonight and had a wonderful meal. They do not take reservations - we waited about 40 mintutes for an indoor table. But - they immedietly seated us at an outside table (not the best view - parking lot and Rt. 19) and we enjoyed our wine (BYOB). They kept checking on us and providing updates. We were then seated inside. We had a tuscan bread/olive/cheese plate, fire-grilled artichokes, mussels and for desert fresh grilled peaches stuffed with gorgonzola and served on top of proccutio. I never would have expected this in Peters Township! Thank you so much for this recommendation.