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Sep 13, 2007 01:55 PM

Market Lunch, Eastern Market

The breakfast-and-lunch counter in the temporary Eastern Market building opened today. As with the rest of the facility, it's a remarkable re-creation.

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  1. Hoooray!!! I've been waiting for this. I will certainly be getting my lunch there sometime next week.

    1. They were doing a brisk business at breakfast today. Still "soft" opening, getting used to all the brand new equipment. Everything tastes as good as ever, maybe better since I've missed them soooooo much.

      Saturday, September 15 is the official opening day. It will probably be a madhouse.

      1. Yay Market Lunch! I can't wait to be able to go... I am so pleased about the temp Eastern Market space and hope they have the lines they normally do.

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          It's always been crowded on Saturdays, especially in the mornings, but I go several days a week to get fresh produce and pick up things for the day's meals and there's never any trouble with lines or parking.
          One of the vendors told me that his business is already better than it was before the fire. He thinks it's because of the publicity. So many people in town really had no idea that there was such an accessible treasure right at a convenient Metro stop.

        2. Welcome back Market Lunch! Bring on The Brick!