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Sep 13, 2007 01:33 PM

High Stakes Cheese Steaks: Authentic??

I don't imagine they are very authentic, but are they close? I don't really know from Philly cheese steaks, but the few I've had in the City of Brotherly Love itself have been kind of underwhelming (granted, I've never had one from Tony Luke's or the other supposed classic). Anyway, my point being, I wish I could go back in time and not eat the sandwich I just got at High Stakes (on the Park Slope side of Flatbush Ave.). A gut bomb with no real redeeming qualities (though the waffle fries were delightful). If this version of the sandwich is even somewhat authentic, then it would only cement my belief that the Philadelphia Cheese Steak is the most over-rated local specialty in the land.

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  1. They are terrible there. Try Carl's on 3rd Ave. in Manhattan for a much better and more authentic version. But if you don't like rather greasy fried meat and onions slathered with cheez whiz (or, for the more refined, provalone) on a bun, then you probably just don't like cheese steaks.

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    1. re: Woodside Al

      Fried meat and onions slathered in cheese is practically my middle name but I've never met a cheese steak that did more for me than the Steam Umms sandwiches I used to make as a kid. I'm willing to do some research though. What's the cross street for Carl's?

      1. re: HankyT

        Carl's is on 33rd or 34th and 3rd. They also have a Tribeca branch on Chambers.

    2. I'm starting to think this whole cheese steak thing is sort of an urban legend, myself.
      Don't bother to try the place in Bay Ridge on 4th Ave ib the 90's... It's dreadful.
      There are probably countless Diners all over the place that make as good a version as
      any. A number of people are now saying they prefer it made with chicken.

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      1. re: Tay

        Just to add....
        I've had both Pat's and Gino's in Philly... They were messy, greasy, and not anywhere near as good as their reputations would have you believe.

        1. re: Tay

          I think I'll just get back to making my own with Steak-Umms. Much tastier. What would be the butcher shop version of a Steam-Umm be??

          1. re: HankyT

            The butcher will give you thin sliced rib eye. You are really in business then.

      2. Hope and Anchor in Red Hook has a delicious, super snarky cheesesteak. authentic? who cares. delicious? yes. enjoy fb

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        1. re: frankbooth

          Really? My #1 karaoke squeeze also serves a kickin' cheese steak hoagie? Didn't know that. Thanks, Frank.

          1. re: frankbooth

            lol... I'm not so sure that "super snarky" is the terminology I would want used to describe a yummy cheese steak, but if you say so.... :-}

            1. re: Tay

              Is the "Philly Cheese Steak" the most over-rated or the most often poorly imitated? It should be made with RIB-EYE - but rib-eye is expensive, so they make it with whatever meat - and it tastes like it is made with cheap meat (b/c it is)

              If you can find one you like, don't ask if it is authentic, ask if you can have another :)

              1. re: rich in stl

                Very well said. I was thinking the same thing just yesterday when I made what true cheese steak afficianados would consider a mortal sin, by ordering a chicken cheese steak instead of the traditional kind made with mystery beef. It turned out to be a very excellent choice. The grilled chicken breast was moist and tender and the peppers/onions/gooey cheese was there to seal the deal. They even added sauteed mushrooms! Maybe what I really like about this sandwich is all the "other stuff." Thanks for putting it into perspective :-}

                1. re: Tay

                  yes - one of my best cheesesteaks , eaten in mid - Pennsylvania was "in a garden" - all the vegetable add-ins really made it

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    Interesting... I also had mine in PA..... Allentown to be exact...