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Mint: Have lots, what to cook with it?


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      1. re: krez

        me too! I used to pull it out of my garden by the handful unti we discovered mojitos!

        I'd also suggest a fresh spring roll--rice sheet wrapper, julienned fresh vegetables, lots of mint, wrap like burrito.

      2. re: amethiste

        If you don't drink, you can muddle some mint in a glass before pouring in iced tea or lemonade. I especially like it in lemonade.

      3. I like to make a mint syrup for over fruit. Take 1/3 cup water and 1/3 cup sugar. Heat in a small saucepan to dissolve sugar. Put a handful of mint leaves in. Let steep for a while. Then strain out leaves. Pour cooled syrup over fruit like peaches, nectarines, strawberries. We've been doing this all summer. Make the syrup right before dinner. Let steep while eating. Then pour over fruit. It makes the fruit seem a little more of a dessert. Never get tired of it.

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          I make this same syrup, steeping the mint leaves, and then adding to a pot of English Breakfast tea with a splash of orange juice. Add tons of ice. fayefood.com

        2. tabbouli



          I 2nd mojitos


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          1. re: pescatarian

            watermelon, feta & mint salad. seriously!

            1. re: TBird

              Any other ingredients? This sounds like a good combo. Do you season it?

              1. re: Agent Orange

                I add red onion and a raspberry vinaigrette.

                  1. re: Chris VR

                    Thanks. I must try it while summer still lingers.

              2. Vietnamese noodle salad (bun). Cooking Lighta catually has a simple version with grilled pork on their website.

                1. 1. Mango salsa - w/ chicken or fish. Chopped mango, mint, jalapeno, red onion, lime, whatever else you want to throw in
                  2. Just chopped some for mediterranean stuffed peppers w/ lentils
                  3. Love Pescatarian's tabouleh salad idea!
                  4. might be interesting in a chimichurri type sauce w/ flank steak?? Or a mint "pesto"

                  1. Mint chutney, indian style. In a food processor, add mint, a little onion, a couple green chillis, some lemon juice,. and salt. You can add cilantro too if you want. Process until smooth. It should be spicy and slight tangy form the mint and lemon. Serve with grilled meats, use as a sandwich spread, or as a dip.

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                    1. re: boogiebaby

                      I was just about to suggest this very thing! Don't forget a little oil to help emulsify...and rather than onion (or sometimes as well as onion) I add garlic. I've also used cider vinegar instead of lemon.

                      This is GREAT with little lamb patties, rolled in grilled flatbread.

                    2. In Jean Anderson's "Food of Portugal" there's a marvelous green bean soup with mint recipe. It sounds weird, but it's absolutely fantastic when made with fava beans. I posted the recipe in another thread awhile back:

                      1. Moroccan mint tea. Steep mint leaves and a bit of green tea in boiling water, add sugar to taste.

                        Mint is also great in fresh spring rolls.

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                        1. re: kpzoo

                          I usually make mint jelly every year, if my gardener doesn`t mow it down. one got
                          fired over that one time. I gave him strict orders not to touch my mint. he would`nt
                          listen and now I don`t worry about him.

                          1. re: kpzoo

                            It's a wonderful addition to spring rolls, and every marinade from Greek, Thai, Italian, and Indian. Good ingredient that I really never used until a few years ago.
                            I keep tyring to come up with new ways to use it, for me it's the new cilantro~In know, I know,but it's better late than never!

                          2. Mint and Cilantro pesto. Use half cilantro and half mint. Toasted walnuts and pine nuts, garlic cloves, olive oil and lemon juice. Put everything in the food processor. I have used the pesto on pasta as well as a rack of lamb.

                              1. Lightly steam green beans, toss with finely minced mint & garlic (enough of each so it's readily apparent). Dress with good olive oil. Serve at room temperature. Great potluck/picnic dish - you never come back with leftovers!

                                1. How about roasted eggplant cubes, chickpeas, feta and mint salad?