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Sep 13, 2007 12:54 PM

Recent Felidia reviews?

Thinking of going for a birthday dinner but didn't see anything recent. Does it hold up? Is it special?

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  1. i recently had a multi-course lunch there. I tried two pastas and the seafood main. I thought that the seafood course was great. The two pastas were good. But in general I found the pasta there less inspiring than at Batalia's restaurants.

    I didnt like the ambiance too much, either. It seemed too business-oriented, and not "fun" enough for a celebration. The service was polite and helpful without being arrogant or intrusive. So, I think overall it is definitely an unobjectionable, even good italian restaurant, but it is not good enough to pick over comparable priced italian restaurants, such as Babbo, especially for a celebratory meal.

    But others might disagree, as I think this restaurant has a loyal following among NYers.

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      went here over a year ago for a birthday celebration. everything was first rate. Food service decor all very professional without being too stuffy. No wonder its been open for 20-25 years i think.

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        I think the atmosphere may differ substantially between lunch and dinner. I've not been for lunch, but given its location, it doesn't surprise me that it would attract business people. I've been for dinner and found it to be outstanding. I went with several friends (each time) and we had a grand time.

      2. felidia has both held up and is still special. give it a shot.