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Sep 13, 2007 12:29 PM


which are the best fakberries in town? other than the big chain pinkberry, there are soo many new yogurt shops popping up. which ones have the best toppings, price, best parking, etc.? i'm looking for one so i can indulge without thinking its overrated. thanks!

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  1. Red Mango is tops in my book. Way better than Pinkberry or Yogurberry (the two actual berries I've had). There's currently just the Westwood location (near Stan's Donuts and across from the two Mann theaters) but others are opening up soon, including a mid-city one.

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      Please don't put Red Mango in the "fakeberry" category! Red Mango is the original, Pinkberry is an "fakeberry" rip-off of it. I had Red Mango in South Korea long before Pinkberry came here, was astounded that it hadn't yet become famous in the US, and the one in Westwood is indeed true to form. The yogurt is creamier, fruit fresher, and there is no hole in the center of the swirl!!!! Pinkberry is too crunchy/icy for my taste.

    2. Kiwiberry is decent, when I tried it at least. There is a new one going up at the Mar Center on Atlantic Blvd in MPK.

      1. My vote is for Yogurberry on Santa Monica in West Hollywood!

        1. I agree that Red Mango in Westwood is actually better than Pinkberry. This is my first choice. plus they use real yogurt and not the powder.

          There are a few around town that are good and good value:
          Mondo Gelato has a good Italian yogurt that is cheaper, across the street from Westside Pavilion/Landmark Theatres.
          Also Veneto, a new place in Manhattan Village Mall.
          Yogo Tango on N Highland has the best value for toppings. You can put any toppings you want; you pay by the ounce.

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          1. Kiwiberry (near the Beverly Center)
            pros: creamier than pinkberry, has a frequent buyer card
            cons: horrible parking

            Dolci Mango: (Redondo Beach/ Garden Grove)
            pros: nice view to enjoy your fro yo (Redondo Beach)
            cons: horrible parking, taste fluctuates

            Frozen Monkey (Torrance):
            Pros: good parking, same price as Pinkberry, offers other flavors such as green apple and strawberry, offers buy one get one free coupons
            Cons: tastes wierd!

            Jades Bakery:(Artesia and Normandie)
            Pros: great bargain with their $1 cone or $3.50 for a 12oz, and good parking
            Cons: its a bakery that has a fro yo machine, so no toppings (which I don't mind at all because I get great chinese pastries instead), taste fluctuates but overall pretty good

            Ce Fiore: (Little Toyko)
            Pros: creamier, offers other flavors, lots of toppings
            Cons: horrible parking, and BF hates how it tastes

            Boba Time (Western and Redondo Blvd)
            Pros: best flavor in our opinion, also offers other treats like boba, mochas, shaved ice
            Cons: no mochi topping for those who like it, super expensive at $5.50 for a large (Pinkberry's medium)

            Diet Berry (on melrose):
            Pros: offers a sugar free version which is not bad in flavor
            Cons: horrible parking

            I've yet to try Red Mango and Yogurberry.
            Must go soon!

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            1. re: Me so hungry

              hm, the boba time by my place offers mochi and they are very generous with it.

     berry?!!!! i would be embarrassed to step in side.

              1. re: greengelato

                Love to try it out...
                do you mind sharing the location?