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Sep 13, 2007 12:22 PM

Going to PJ Wines...need recs

I'm specifically looking for several white and red wines to serve at an upcoming baby shower whose menu will consist of mixed appetizers (of varying culinary influences including Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian). From a prior thread it seems that riesling/gewurt, beaujolais, rioja/ribera were most often suggested though I'm open to additional advice. Have never shopped at PJs but am heading there this weekend and would like your recs!! Many thanks...

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  1. Oops, OP here...I forgot to mention that my price limit is about $10-12/bottle...thx!

    1. I've never walked into the store at PJ, but I have browsed their wide selections at very good prices online. Since you are visiting the store, hopefully you won't have to deal with some of the headaches I experienced when I ordered a case for delivery.

      They're best known for their Spanish selections. In your price range, they should be able to recommend quite a few rioja crianza. They also have a good amount of Côtes-du-Rhône. The '03 Guigal is very easy drinking, as is the '04 Paul Jaboulet-Aîné "Parallèle 45." It's a little bit above your price range at $17, but the Jean Louis Chave "Mon Coeur" is one of the best CDRs I've had.

      I think their best bargains are NZ sauvignon blanc. Kim Crawford, Villa Maria, and Babich are all very reliable.

      They have Gruet from New Mexico for $12. I learned about this wine from Hunt and others on this board. I wish I had converted a lot sooner.

      Enjoy the festivities.