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Sep 13, 2007 11:45 AM

Food Court LA

Surprised to see that a search did not return any mentions of this 2+ weeks-old entry to the 3rd Street restaurant row.

Stopped in the other night and had a mostly favorable experience. Nice, open atmosphere. Friendly if slightly awkward staff.

Great carne asada spring roll appetizer. Terrific fish if not so special chips. And great pitcher of white wine sangria.

They're open late which alone makes them a great addition to the neighborhood.

Would love to hear about others experiences there. What dishes were especially worth ordering and which to stay away from?

Food Court LA
8334 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, 323.782.9689
Daily 12pm-1am

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  1. What, a restaurant other than Craft or Mozza has opened? I don't believe you. :D

    I was in the neighborhood the other day and thought about going, but I think the Joans on Third expansion has stolen some of its thunder (and my destination was neither -- I had lunch at the Little Next Door).

    1. there were posts a few weeks back

      1. I went a couple of days after it opened and was mixed. Started with the Nachos which seemed like generic store bought chips (the not good kind) with some cheese on top. I had the Salmon sandwich (ok, not great), my friend had the salad trio which was just blah and another had the Prawn salad which she didn't like at all. Overall would probably try again for pure convenience and cheap(ish) price but would rush back by no means.

        1. my friends and i love this place. i've been there a few times already. they haven't even been open for 2 weeks and they get better everytime we go in. the service is great, the food is good and very well priced, the drinks are very tasty and the decor is beautiful. it's gets a little too loud but i think it's pretty cool. this place is definitely needed in the neighbourhood.

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