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Sep 13, 2007 11:35 AM

Dallas - The Club on Oaklawn

Anyone been there?

There's no menu on the website.

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  1. Standard fare with a lean towards italian. Steaks, pasta, etc. Walked by opening night and read the menu in the window.. Im not sure its open yet--I work in the building and it appears they are still remodeling Draileon (the prior tennant).

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      they're definitely opened. I spoke to someone today. We're going to head down tomorrow night and see how it goes.

    2. Has anyone been yet? What is the food like and the wine list? I hear they have some reall high end wines by the glass.

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      1. I ate lunch there last week. After my experience, I guess confused would describe me best. First, the decor looks like Ralph Lauren threw up all over the place. Plaid, leather, moc croc chairs, photos of horses and movie stars. The waiters are dressed like Thurston Howell III - blue blazers and bow ties (okay maybe Thurston wore an ascot but you get the idea). So, with all that I'm expecting a very traditional and upscale American menu. Yet, with a couple of steak exceptions it is almost exclusively Italian. Their chef was at Nicola's up north for years prior to coming here. On to the food - I asked our waiter to describe their "FAMOUS smoked chicken salad". He immediately told me he wouldn't recommend that and that the kitchen was still working out the kinks on many of the recipes. I appreciate his honesty though it would seem like chicken salad wouldn't be too hard to master. When I asked him, "and yet it's already famous?", he did laugh but reiterated there were better menu selections.

        I had the bolognese which was quite good. My date had olive oil poached halibut - also very good. Wine list was solid if not spectacular and had an Italian slant which I happen to like. One pet peeve...the table cloths are faux leather making it virtually impossible to swirl the wine in your glass. They also use the stemless glasses. So, overall the decor and vibe doesn't match the menu but the food was good. We'll see if this quirky combination makes it.

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          Great review - Love the description of the decor! Sounds more Rushmore than Yale.

      2. The original comment has been removed