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Sep 13, 2007 11:13 AM

Going to Tanzore

Have reservations at Tanzore on La Cienega for some trendy but good Indian fare with gal pals...

Any recommendations on the food?

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  1. I just had lunch there yesterday. The food is AMAZING!! I would suggest the yogurt/lentil bean salad, the chicken tikka, chicken curry and masala lamb. They also have some great specialty cocktails and an extensive wine list (you can even order a half glass).

      1. Our dinner there a few weeks ago was outstanding in every way. The space is beautiful, the servers and other team members are very friendly and gracious, and the food is great!

        Ask your server for suggestions; ours gave us some great ideas. I highly recommend their bread basket and all their own chutneys! I also loved my black cod over black-eyed peas. And please remember dessert! We had a fruit tart that was divine (they have their own pastry chef), and the presentation with spun sugar and a slushy shooter was as good as any dessert I can save room!

        Take your time, and I know you will enjoy this experience.

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