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Sep 13, 2007 11:11 AM

Grilling Salmon Fillets

Do you start skin side or flesh side down on the grill first? About 4 minues a side on medium high for it to be cooked?

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  1. When doing straight filets, I usually start flesh side down so that when its done, and a little flaky, I've got the skin to support it. But my favorite it to take the filet and cut "butterflies" which is essentially cutting to but not thru the skin on the first cut, then all the way thru on the second. Then fold open on the "not all the way thru" cut to make what appears to be a steak but is in fact a piece of filet.

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    1. re: AlaskaChick

      ummm.....could you draw a picture of that? I have a couple filets in the fridge.
      What about this technique makes this your "favorite" way?
      Just curious because I love salmon, and I might be trying your method.

      1. re: chef chicklet

        I'm not sure I can draw a picture but here goes...... filet on cutting board, skin side down. About 1-2 inches from the end, cut thru the meat to the skin but do not cut thru the skin. Move in same distance from that cut and cut all the way thru. Take the piece you just cut and fold it open on the first cut so that the skin is in the middle of the piece with a piece of flesh on either side - it looks like a butterfly.

        What I like is that it is an attractive presentation, individual piece for serving, and unlike a traditional steak cut, there is no backbone in the middle - less bones all the way around than a steak - and it exposes more flshe, less skin to any marinade. You basically eat around the skin.

        1. re: AlaskaChick

          Thank you I think I got it! I will let you know how it works for me. I think sometimes that they are too thick, this will work better. Appreciate that you took the time to draw me the picture!

    2. Aim for 10 minutes per inch of thickness total cooking time, assuming medium heat, so if your fillet is 3/4" thick, 4 min/side would be just a tad too much, but not very.

      1. Skins side down, on high for a gas grill...3 minutes for the first soide, two for the second usually works for me...I did it at a dinner the other night, and I got compliments on my fabulous salmon....Add some oil to the marinade to really make it flame up; crispey on the outside, translucent in the center.

        1. On the grill I start flesh down which allows me to flip while the fish has not gotten to the flaking stage and finish skin down. Often when removing the fish the skin will stay on the grill and the fish will lift off in one piece. When cooking on the stove I like to do the skin first and get it crispy and finish on the flesh side. This way I can enjoy the skin. I've just had too many cases where the fish breaks up on the grill when I finish on the flesh side.