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Sep 13, 2007 11:10 AM

Help with first Break Fast menu!

I will be preparing this year's Yom Kippur break fast for the first time. It will be a small group - just myself, my husband, and two friends. But I need some good ideas!

I'd like to do the traditional dishes for sure: blintzes, kugel, bagels and lox, etc... But what else can I or should I add for an extra touch of creativity or just plain yumminess? Do I need to make a "main" entree such as a meat dish? And what kinds of salads might be nice with this food? Any dessert ideas?

I'd like to stick to the traditional items, but would also like to add a "gourmet" flair to it as well. Is that possible?!

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. You could supplement with a strata. I like mine with Spinach and Gruyere.

    1. Yeah, or a frittata or breakfast casserole... there are tons of recipes from bon appetit and gourmet on I'd do an egg dish and fresh fruit salad. Don't forget the mimosas!

      1. You could do a savory kugel with some veggies to add some variation.
        Maybe a chopped salad w/ radish, cucumber, tomato, etc etc?

        Traditionally it's a dairy meal w/o a meat dish... you probably won't need one, but if you want you could do a fish dish.

        To add flair to blintzes, mayb ea blackberry sauce instead of blueberries? Maybe marscapone cheese? Or orange zest in the fcheese filling?

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          I make a great savory kugel with very fine egg noodles, cottage cheese, sour cream (or plain yougart), onion, garlic, worchester and tobascco sauces. I top it with parm cheese and smoked paprika. I love the idea of adding veggies to it. What would you use? Mushrooms? Spinach? Tomatoes have too much water.

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            I am interested in your recipe for the savory kugel....

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              It's not written down.

              Cook a package of very fine egg noodles (or NoYolks), preferably in chicken broth, but that's not essential.

              Combine the following in a blender or food processor and process until smooth:
              one chopped onion
              clove garlic
              1 cup cottage cheese
              1 cup yogurt or sour cream
              salt to taste
              T Worchester sauce
              a few splashes of hot sauce

              Combine with the noodles and put into a casserole. Top with Parmesan cheese and bake for @ 45 minutes at 350. Topping will be brown and bubbly.

        2. Do all the bagels, lox, pickled herring, white fish, etc. But I supplement with a cheese strata (last year) and/or a super sweet noodle pudding. This year think I will add a blintz casserole or something I found that's called challah custard casserole.

          1. We are having a sushi tray added this year-California roll, rolls with fish only- no seafood, which is not Kosher

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              What a treat at the end of a fast! I want to come to your place! The place I'm going to will be having lox and bagels, but I'm sure she'll have some kugels and what not too.