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Sep 13, 2007 10:40 AM

Au Pied Du Cochon

Going to Au pied du cochon in October. Nevre been before. What are the must haves? The foie gras looks many options though. What is duck in a can?

Anyone try the steak frites or the bison ribs? Heard the portions were huge. How much would one order with 2 people dining? Apps?

Any feedback would be great

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  1. The duck in a can is a must. The steak frites is good, but I wouldn't go there for that. Bison ribs aren't always on the menu - or so I was told, but the one time I had them - YUM.

    It's a great place to go, and to go back to.

    1. Duck in a can is half a duck magret with a hunk of foie gras tucked under the skin, buttered cabbage, bacon, roasted garlic, thyme, and venison demi-glace, sealed and cooked in a can. The can is opened at your table and dumped over toast covered with celery root puree.

      You know your appetite best of course, but I would suggest you each get an app and share a main, if you want room for dessert.

      1. The foie gras poutine is my fave, the tartare used to be good, but I haven't tried it since they switched from venison to bison (although I'd be surprised if it wasn't at least as good, if not better). We usually split an appetizer, and each have a main. The only drawback is that it leaves no room for dessert... Be warned that portions are very filling - even if they don't necessarily look that huge (although some do).

        1. Agree with everyone. The duck in a can is amazing, and the portions are huge, and rich with the foie gras. I believe they do their own charcuterie, too. We had no room for dessert so I can't comment on that. Enjoy!

          1. Just to avoid confusion, and to maybe facilitate your searching, it's actually called Au Pied De Cochon.