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Sep 13, 2007 10:35 AM

Have to go to Doc Motorworks, help!

Long story, but I have to eat dinner at Doc Motorworks tonight. Tried to redirect the group, but no luck. Due to my schedule, I can't eat something tasty before going. So, is there anything decent on the menu? Searched the board and only found the advice to avoid the burgers. Help.

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  1. You may just want to drink your dinner. May I suggest a meal of Guinness?

    I've only had a couple of things off the menu (apps, mind you), but they were enough to form a negative opinion of the food.

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    1. re: Twill

      I whole heartedly agree... it would be such a better place if they served at least passable food. Maybe you can take a like a clif bar with you or something.

    2. not menu related but.....bring's so LOUD!! i would try to sit closer to the street or off to the left on the tall tables.

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      1. re: scoutaustin

        Good tip, thanks.
        Ugh..I must remain focused on the fact that I'll have good company.

        1. re: Honey Bee

          So, how did it go? I'm morbidly curious.

          1. re: bookgrrl72

            Well, after all the helpful feedback here I told the guest of honor that I would be joining them for drinks, but not eating dinner and they should feel free to order food without me as I would be running a little late. (I found a granola bar in my desk and figured that would get me through the evening until I got home.) Suspicous that I was passing up an opportunity to eat she questioned me about the food at Doc's. I told her that I had not been there before, but the feedback on the board was not favorable. She then made the decision to move the get together to Curra's. We sat on the patio, I enjoyed the conchita pibil and had a great evening.

            1. re: Honey Bee

              Great! Sounds like a happy ending indeed. We served the cochinita pibil at our wedding, so obviously, you have impeccable taste!