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Sep 13, 2007 10:21 AM

Indian with parents?

My folks are stopping in on their way back from London to Houston and are apparently in the mood for Indian. My husband and I have had good meals at Chola, Amma, Bombay Talkie, and he eats at Haveli pretty regularly. Our instinct is Chola, which had a festive (for lack of a better word) atmosphere the last time we were there. What do you guys think?

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    1. I had an amazing meal at Tamarind recently. Great service too.

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      1. re: skgchow

        I love Chola! and Tamarind. Chola is very loud, something to consider, depending on the parents! Chola has some interesting drinks, festive drinks. Service wonderful at both!

      2. I vote for Tamarind.

        (I would have voted for Devi had it not closed a few weeks ago :( )

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        1. re: scarlet starlet

          I also think that Tamarind is quite good. Tabla is another choice.

        2. All of those restaurants are good.

          I would add Dawat, with the caveat that not all of the dishes are great. So, maybe do some research on what to order. I have eaten there several times, and find that when things click, it is an awesome restaurant. The cornish hen, for example, is one of the great dishes at Dawat (though on the spicy side; so be warned) and one of my favorite dishes at any restaurant.

          I also second Tamarind.

          And I would mention Amma's tasting menu -- it is a good deal and makes for a leisurely and lovely dinner.

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          1. re: toum

            I second Dawat and sixth Tamarind.

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              Here's a link to some of the dishes that I like at Dawat:


              Have also had an enjoyable meal, a while back, at Tamarind.

              And, I love the food at the Bread Bar at Tabla, but the two times I've been there for lunch, the service has been glacial - the food always makes up for it, but I wouldn't go with my parents for that reason.

              1. re: MMRuth

                Tried Banjara the other night based on raves here...alas, food was good (greaseless appetizers, bread), to below par (lamb vindaloo -- tough, fatty lamb pieces in a sauce that had little heat)....service,too, was spotty...the place was very busy, so this is understandable. The place is pretty but certainly did not live up to often-praised posts on this site. Still, I've had better meals at Mitali on the same block. Sigh...guess there really are no great (and reliable) spots on this street. For a few bucks more, Tamarind is a far better option.

                1. re: Will4Food

                  Haveli is not afraid to make a vindaloo that brings tears.

            2. Tamarind.
              Then Dawat (definitely over Chola).
              Bread Bar if they want more Indian-fusion.

              Don't like Banjara or Haveli as much, though each as one or two ggod dishes.