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Sep 13, 2007 09:56 AM

New Restaurant in Old Oakland?

Has anyone been to the restaurant across the street from B in Old Oakland (on Washington next to Rattos)? (I don't know what it is called...)

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  1. Maybe Levande East? I had drinks and snacks there tonight and thought it was pretty good. Great bartender and nice patrons. A fun and friendly scene. We ordered some lamb burgers, beet and goat cheese salad, green beans and ribs to eat. Shared everything. All tasty! I really liked the Effen vodka cherry bomb drinks best! A cool place; I plan to go back soon. . .

    1. I think you are talking about Levande East. The restaurant is new to the area. I've been for lunch twice. They have some great sandwiches for lunch.

      1. Awesome house cocktails and happy hour specials, too.

        1. Yes, that's probably Levende East you're thinking about since it's the newest place in the neighborhood and is right across from B.

          I enjoyed my visit there:

          The service at the time (they were fairly new) was a bit disjointed but overall I thought the food was imaginative and tasty. It's a nice addition to the neighborhood.

          1. I think there was a write up on it in the Oakland Magazine, not too long ago. Anyone see it?