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Picky eater (15 weeks pregnant) - looking for simple, comfort food

It's my wife's Bday tomorrow, but she's 15 weeks pregnant and her appetite/taste has changed significantly.

In fact, she likes the same food as my 5 year old nephew i.e. classic mac 'n cheese, buttered noodles, omelets, tomato soup. etc.

Where can I go (preferably on the Westside) to get this kind of food? Ammo had healthy comfort food, but the menu is now to shi shi.


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      1. re: ipsedixit

        ooh, go to Pann's. I wish someone would take me!

        1. re: Diana

          Even if all I wanted to eat was macaroni and cheese, if it was my birthday and my husband took me to Pann's, I'd be ticked. It's a coffee shop! The O.P. should take his wife somewhere nicer. And don't get me wrong, I actually like Pann's, but that's not the point.

          1. re: Debbie W

            I go to John O Groats for my birthday and LOVE it. I rarely get to eat that kind of food. Diner food can be fabulous, and Pann's has amazing biscuits and gravy and other comfort foods.

      2. Why not check out Clementine? If you cannot go for an earlier dinner (they close early), then their takeout options are perfect comfort food.

        1. I like Luna Park for comfort food out of the house. Nook is also a good suggestion, but their menu is smaller.

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          1. re: TracyS

            I vote for Upstairs2 above the Wine HOuse on Cotner. They specialize in small plates and they had such a variety on the menu that she'll be able to have choices.
            Also I love the Nook, but like the ambiance better at Upstairs2.

          2. VIOLET
            and since they have plenty of small plates, you can order a bunch and eat whatever is left over that she doesn't like.
            The MacnCheese is so good, anything w/risotto, the short ribs, soups, salads, just get it all with the $7 before 7pm.

            1. Thanks all for the suggestions and keep 'em coming. As of now, Pann's seems like the major contender and Nook (which we like a lot) might be a good back up.

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              1. re: vinosnob

                So, my mom-in-law already made a rez for all of the family at Xian; never been and my wife said chinese sounds good to her, we'll see...

              2. I also agree with Nook and Luna Park and will also highly recommend Ivy at the Shore which is almost all comfort food - great corn chowder, spaghetti & meatballs, burger, etc.

                Maybe also consider Ford's Filling Station and Beechwood. Both have "fancy" comfort food though, like chilled tomato soups and mac & goat cheese. But they might fit the bill.

                Nook Bistro
                11628 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 9, Los Angeles, CA 90025

                Ford's Filling Station
                9531 Culver Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90232

                Luna Park
                672 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

                Beechwood - duplicate
                822 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

                Ivy At the Shore
                1535 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401