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BLT Burger or Goodburger or BRGR


I am going to Manhattan soon, so which of these three is most worthy of a visit: BLT Burger, Goodburger or BRGR?

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  1. LOVE BLT...looking forward to trying BRGR

    1. Are you from outside the NY area, or just the outer boroughs?

      What's your idea of the perfect burger, and where have you found its closest incarnation?

      Everyone tends to spout off their favorite burger places ad nauseum on this board whenever these sorts of questions come up, but knowing your preferences (bun, onions, seasoning, thickness etc) and having a basis for comparison will give this thread a little more structure.

      That said, I'd go with BLT burger if forced to choose between just those 3, especially as an out of town destination...

      1. None of them-rather go to Corner Bistro, Stoned Crow, Royale, Burger Joint, Molly's, Fanelli's, JG Melon, PJ Clarke's, Waterfront Ale, Rare, Stand, Donovan's (Queens), Spotted Pig, or Paul's. If forced to rank the above choices then 1.Goodburger 2.BLT lamb burger and 3.BRGR

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          try burger joint at the parker meridien hotel. just walk into the hotel and ask for it as it's hidden behind a curtain. no, it's not any more expensive than the other places and and it's truly a joint. brgr is terrible. i like goodburger better. never tried blt. nyc burger company is a slight bit better than brgr.

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            I prefer BLT burger out of all of those options. And personally, I put BLT above Fanelli's and Burger Joint and even equal to JG melon, PJ Clarke's, and Corner Bistro.

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              I would nix Corner Bistro. They have gone way down hill.

            2. I haven't tried Goodburger. Btw BLT and BRGR, I'd pick BLT.

              1. Just had a Bacon Cheddar burger and a black and white shake at Lucky Burger...You should go there...

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                  I believe BLT Burger has gotten much better since it opened, If you tried it early on and didn't like it, as I did...It is worth another shot.....

                2. CalJack has it right. The best place to go depends on what type of burger you're looking for.

                  Most of the places guttergourmet mentions serve a thicker patty style burger.

                  I'd say Molly's is one of the most overrated burgers in the galaxy. Granted I only visited once, but it was atrocious. Improperly cooked and served with stale fries. Server was impossible to track down and "forgot" to bring us change. There are a lot of Molly's fan boys on this board, but I'd urge you to stay away.

                  Corner Bistro is good, but not great. I think a lot of the people who give it such high praise are conflating the great bargain with great quality.

                  I like JG Melon's burger and the cottage fries. It's a little smaller patty than the places I went over above.

                  Stand is routinely slammed for it's bun, and it deserves to be.

                  Fanelli's makes a pretty good burger for someone like me who lives in the neighborhood. I like it a lot, but it's nothing more than a good pub burger. They have a major tendency to overcook their burggers. If you like it medium rare, you have to ask for it rare and even then you might have to send it back.

                  Rare sort of straddles the fence between a gourmet burger and something more traditional; there are options in either direction. I think they do a real good job, albeit at somewhat high prices (not that there aren't many other places who charge a little too much for their burger). The burgers I've had there have always been properly cooked, well seasoned, and served with quality toppings. However, I don't like either of their fry options.

                  For a more compact burger (which I'm usually a little more excited about), you have a pretty good list. I think this category is where personal preference plays an even stronger role. It's very subjective.

                  That said, I really, really like BLT Burger. It is definitely where I'd recommend going. To my taste, they are right on the money! But, again, I don't like their fries. In fact, I hate them. Not only do I hate them, but I dislike them extra because the menu advertises handcut fries when in fact they long ago switched to a coated and seemingly frozen fry. Coated fries ... it's just an atrocity. The saving grace, however, are the excellent onion rings.

                  Goodburger does a nice job. Similar to Burger Joint but without the charm of being "hidden". Also, Burer Joint was on the scene long before the recent wave of burger places. For those reasons, I favor Burger Joint.

                  I like BRGR better than most folks, but their prices are hard to swallow for what you get.

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                    Corner Bistro is delicious! It deserves it's rep on taste alone (although you can't help but love the ambiance and juke box as well, is you decide to eat in). I just don;t understand what the occasional detractors are looking for in a burger. A medium rare Bistro is as good as it gets IMHO - or better yet two!

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                      Though I disagree with some of it, I enjoyed your meticulous analysis.

                    2. I love the American Kobe burger at BLT. I must have devour at least one a week. THe lamb burger is also quite delish!

                      1. skip all three. go to shake shack and lounge outside!

                        1. I must say Burger Joint is way overrated IMHO. Run of the mill bun, expensive for what you get, and pretty much the same burger you can get at your standard bbq in the summer.

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                            this question always starts lots of arguments...lol. anyway of the 3 you mentioned i like BRGR the most, followed by BLT. Have not been to goodburger yet. All 3 are very close to me, but go to BRGR the most. Excellent burgers and love their version of onion rings called onion hay. A little pricey but worth it. Never had a bad meal at BLR either.
                            Wasnt impressed by Stand.

                          2. I'd go to Burger Joint over BLT or BRGR, though I haven't tried Goodburger. Corner Bistro is really not worth the hassle, imo.

                            1. I went to good burger today and was very disappointed. The burger was ok with all the fixin's, but I tried the meat by itself and it was tasteless. Also the fries didn't taste potatoy. Plus it's expensive. Not sure why people wait on line for mediocre overpriced burgers.

                              1. I agree with the sentiment that the best burger is a matter of personal taste.

                                My favorite simple burger is still Corner Bistro. They have a specific flame broiling technique for cooking and the meat is ground to a finer consistency. Due to these two factors I always order the burger there rare as the meat dries out or feels steamed inside at further levels of doneness. J. G. Melon's is probably my next favorite for a simple burger option. I never found burger joint or goodburger to be particularly interesting or memorable. Not bad but just not exciting.

                                For fancier options I do like Rare. As mentioned above even their regular burger is cooked exceptionally well. And if you feel like a burger with a twist they have a lot to offer although prices can escalate fast with some of the fancier ingredients. Unlike zEli173, I like some of their fries options as well but in the end the places where I really like fries aren't usually the same as the ones where I like the burgers.

                                I have only been to BLT Burger once and wasn't overwhelmed but I'll probably go back. Have not been to BRGR at all.

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                                  Cant compare Good Burger to BRGR or BLT. Good Burger is a step above McDonalds.
                                  Went to the new one on Broadway and 18th, small burger on a regular white bun, typical boring fries and greasy onion rings. ok, so the price is a little less. But BRGR and
                                  BLT are far superior. it should be called OK Burger instead.