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Sep 13, 2007 09:20 AM

BLT Burger or Goodburger or BRGR


I am going to Manhattan soon, so which of these three is most worthy of a visit: BLT Burger, Goodburger or BRGR?

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  1. LOVE BLT...looking forward to trying BRGR

    1. Are you from outside the NY area, or just the outer boroughs?

      What's your idea of the perfect burger, and where have you found its closest incarnation?

      Everyone tends to spout off their favorite burger places ad nauseum on this board whenever these sorts of questions come up, but knowing your preferences (bun, onions, seasoning, thickness etc) and having a basis for comparison will give this thread a little more structure.

      That said, I'd go with BLT burger if forced to choose between just those 3, especially as an out of town destination...

      1. None of them-rather go to Corner Bistro, Stoned Crow, Royale, Burger Joint, Molly's, Fanelli's, JG Melon, PJ Clarke's, Waterfront Ale, Rare, Stand, Donovan's (Queens), Spotted Pig, or Paul's. If forced to rank the above choices then 1.Goodburger 2.BLT lamb burger and 3.BRGR

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          try burger joint at the parker meridien hotel. just walk into the hotel and ask for it as it's hidden behind a curtain. no, it's not any more expensive than the other places and and it's truly a joint. brgr is terrible. i like goodburger better. never tried blt. nyc burger company is a slight bit better than brgr.

          1. re: guttergourmet

            I prefer BLT burger out of all of those options. And personally, I put BLT above Fanelli's and Burger Joint and even equal to JG melon, PJ Clarke's, and Corner Bistro.

            1. re: guttergourmet

              I would nix Corner Bistro. They have gone way down hill.

            2. I haven't tried Goodburger. Btw BLT and BRGR, I'd pick BLT.

              1. Just had a Bacon Cheddar burger and a black and white shake at Lucky Burger...You should go there...

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                1. re: sjjn

                  I believe BLT Burger has gotten much better since it opened, If you tried it early on and didn't like it, as I did...It is worth another shot.....