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Sep 13, 2007 08:44 AM

Lobster rolls in Redwood City...Old Port Lobster Shack

Old Port Lobster Shack...Unique spot...I tried it a year or so ago and liked it.

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  1. There was a discussion a few months back about the new Lobster Shack in Napa, same owners. In particular the discussion was about their Ipswich clams. Unfortunately, the quality hasn't been as strong as they've settled in. All claw meat in their lobster rolls, no tail meat, and not fresh tasting. They also eliminated the 1/2 order of Ipswich's, which was the perfect size if ordering a lobster roll. Their fried oysters were pretty good though last time. Would be interested to know about the quality of the RWC joint versus Napa.

    1. There are many posts here about Old Port Lobster Shack. Searching will find them.

      1. All stringy claw meat on a tiny roll. Better not be hungry. And it's $20.

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          I would have sent it back and gotten a new one. They can vary, but the few times I've been there, I've had a pretty generous roll. I think only once, I had a roll that they were stingy on. I think they are pretty stingy on the coleslaw. Their kids menu is pretty good, generous portion for the price on their fish and chips.